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I'm a former drummer. What that person in the costume was doing is incredibly difficult for someone who isn't wearing a costume.

This is by far one of the best drummers I have ever seen. Both technical skill as well as just overall composition and improvisation.

Pulling off Flamadiddles with a foot pedal on the bas drum is something I don't think I've ever heard before.

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Listen to more metal

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God damn

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How... He's creating a whole different tonality by drumming so fast... with his feet.

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lol.. that dude was awesome... tip, you have to watch the whole video.

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I was going to say this is a very skilled drummer, probably more skilled and talented than any top 10 pop band's drummer in the last 40ish years.

I wonder who it is? I was waiting for him to tear the mask off to reveal Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater. The Japanese love him.

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Crap. You need to go to a children's fair to find the talent now because the entertainment industry pushes shit garbage on adults instead

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Goyim, don't pretend like this isn't extremely talented: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=VtJFb_P2j48

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I forgot about this. Thanks for scaring my mind again.

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Isn't that Dees friend Artemis?

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Fuck. Can we rent-a-jihadi yet?

I mean it should be an option soon.

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I can't watch that. Bad goy today

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(((entertainment industry)))

What, you don't like niggers autotuning to phonetically written scripts, written by Jews, that teach white people about why they are evil? You aren't being a very good goyim.

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This is in Japan, so I don't think it's quite the same there.

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Why do the (((power elite))) force the real talent to be relegated to jobs in children's fairs? I enjoyed that a lot but feel bad for the drummer.

The world famous over qualified drummer had a short gig in "Band from Virginia Rick K. & The Allnighters" :

5 million youtube views :


Drummer is insane and mad skillz (to other drummers eyes)

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Holy shit! He's great!

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Dave Lombardo takes his kids to an event.

"Hey Dave, our drummer had to bail, would you mind filling in for him?"

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Lombardo is awesome, Fuck Slayer for laying him off.

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My God, I can't stop laughing.

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Whatever that red thing is called - it reminds of Voat. Thank you all for being who you are.

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Fuck off back to reddit

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"Do I fit in yet": the post

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You must be new around here.

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I love how the Luke Skywalker lookin host looks down at his/her? clipboard to herself like: “They didn’t say anything about a fuckin drum solo... just keep clapping Nancy. Keep clapping”

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Needed a smile today thanks.

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