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Bloodlines, deepstate only allows people with Illuminati family bloodlines to become president, so not all random people could be picked. Obama his white mother has that connection and was also a clown. Obamas connection to the radical communist Frank Marshall Davis also helped.

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Your argument boils down to despite all the evidence, I don't believe it because it's hard for me to believe. But you are assuming that their intention was to have an airtight and undiscoverable con job and are therefore overlooking the benefits of setting up the way they did. But if you consider that the point was having a plant burrow in and work at eating away the foundation of the country from the inside, then maybe it will make more sense.

If you can think of a more effective way of doing that damage than having a fully complicit msm drool over a purposely unvetted fake and castigating the people who can see through the bullshit as racist assholes, I'd like to hear it.

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I believe it. maybe because I want to, maybe because I've seen enough that it has truth to it. it's a moot point now, anyway. if Obama is truly a foreign national and it can be proven, his Presidency will be null and void. everything he ever did will be reversed. I pray that part is true. never in American history has a president done so much to destroy our nation.

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You never see nor hear of their two daughters any more, either, because they ARE NOT THEIR DAUGHTERS. They were "borrowed" from a couple who are friends of theirs, working on their staff. The girls were only brought into the picture as a ruse to the American people to portray a normal, well-rounded family, to cover up the gay/tranny truth which would NEVER have made it past the primaries, no matter WHAT political affiliation.

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