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Thank you for this post. I have been thinking the same fucking thing. SO sick of hearing about Kavanaugh. Nothing is going to come of it. It gives something people to bitch about. That's all I see even on voat right now, just bitching.

EDIT- And fuck Q and those boomers too.

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Yes excellent, timely post. Most will forget Kavanaugh, regardless of the outcome. I'd rather have a wall than a Kavanaugh.

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I'd rather lock her up but somehow that's off the agenda these days

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Q Boomers faggots (and everyone else really) need to let go of the idea that the democracy circus has any effect on the actual important decisions made by (((the ones who are actually in charge))). When that happens, shit will start changing. Until then, have fun with your Kavanaughs and your Trumps

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I just got in an argument with a Trump lover. I tried to tell him that Trump loves jews, but the "muh 4D Chess" and "You gotta keep your enemies close" is all he said. They are just as brainwashed as fucking boomers.

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I don't think voters are in control right now. I think the military and military intelligence in the form of Q is in control. I could be wrong. Q could be a LARP, so I am open to both sides. HOWEVER, I believe this post by Dustin Nemos is probably correct. (I haven't checked out the government website source, and I will do that in a few minutes.)

Before anyone listens to these Brownshirts (a reference to NAZI thugs before WW2) and demands violence, you should listen to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO8Gsyn-RMw

I will be back after checking the .gov sources. Edit: I want to listen to the video again before I look at sources, so it may take a few minutes.

Edit: I can't go through this whole thing right now. Here is the source that Dustin Nemos uses. You will find links to dot gov sites in this article:


(I have no idea if this is true. Make up your own mind. God gave you a brain. Use it. I will research it later, but I'm not paid to do this, so there are other things on my agenda.)

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Hey. Another SBBH sock. How's it feel having your shithole sub shut down?

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Don't forget the memes and prayers fellow patriot!WWGWHKJHKJHSKJh! See the attached pic of me in Q shirt with my Q sticker on my truck!(don't tell anyone I posted it to facebook!) Don't forget to upvoat my poast!

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I don't know if Kavanaugh will be confirmed, he should definitely be confirmed, but the traitors in congress probably will let us down as usual.

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The biggest redpill on the kikes is circumcision... hands down there is no fucking excuse for butchering childrens genitials...


Its a long video but a jew takes 2 hours to explain how he became an expert on circumcision then declares war against the jews until its ended.. he doew it at harvard where he was employed then promptly fired for making the video.. he is in a lawsuit and they will try to discredit him at every turn.. ive described it as one of the most important videos ive ever seen and i need to watch it again so i can keep the arguments and facts strait.

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I watched this video a couple weeks ago. Got me so fucking mad. rage.

watch the USS Liberty cover up on jewtube. furious.

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My uncle served as a machinist mate on the USS Liberty when it was attacked. I remember him ranting against the jews at family gatherings when I was a kid. He gave me my first redpill on the jew before he drank himself into an early grave. Those sons of bitches need to pay for what they have done.

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The uss liberty might be the most angry i have ever been after watching anything.. im amazed none of those guys went to a synagougue or an isreal embassy and for 5 hours shot people then claimed they didnt know it was not the enemy...

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Keep an eye out for Erasing the Liberty. I've read about a third of the book in the last couple days, but when they make the movie it's gonna cause a shitstorm

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it's so funny that al jazeera use to be considered a very credible source. i remember our news channels here in the U.S. constantly used them during the when we raped iraq and stole their oil. but literally month or so after they ran the story your talking about they are now trying to make al jazeera considered an enemy of the free press and the country LOL jews man.

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Great timing. Was talking about not doing this to my grandson the other day. Does the video talk about why it was instituted as a practice?

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The common narrative is that it prevents disease and won't get infected. But it's probably a Jewish myth like everything else we are taught.

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It's related to the covenant of circumcision.

The covenant of circumcision related to the promised land of Canaan, which is no the same as the land of the Abrahamic covenant of Genesis 15. The covenant of circumcision applied to Judah and Israel, but the Genesis 15 applied to of Abraham's descendants. Herzl's ambition for the Jewish state encompassed the land of Genesis 15, not just the land of Canaan.

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That was a great video, watched the whole thing non-stop a while back. /ourjew/

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He is 100 percent our jew. Called them evil and declared war on them shit declared war on his own jew dad.. amazing video.

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That's a very good one, I should have added it but it seems like your comment has gotten it enough attention.

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" I met Brian Kavanaugh at a party in 1980 and he made me a drink that made me feel woozy. Next thing I knew, Brian was sticking TWO fingers in side my asshole. I will never forgive Brian Kavanaugh and how low he made me feel."

" His name is Brett"

" Yeah, that's what I said, Brett..."

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Jew pill here


Revelation 3:9 King James Version (KJV) 9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.





https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liminality https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_dissonance


Consider for a moment our known human history verses our unknown.






2.5 Million years of hominids with similar or larger cranial capacity than our own.




Populations became dense near the ocean for the most part and there is a large amount of evidence supporting a great flood after the younger dryas.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDejwCGdUV8YouTubeYouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0H5LCLljJhoYouTubeYouTube megalithic culture has demonstrated advanced knowledge of axial precession and astronomy as a whole by virtue of their designs and orientations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axial_precession https://imgur.com/a/1FyIxDOImgurImgur Album Album Reconcile.

Cults exist because its natural for those seeking power to establish such an environment. With knowledge comes power and if knowledge can be passed down so too can that power, the logarithmic growth of tech has opened a window for us but soon it will close forever. If you were in such a position of power to control the affairs of the world, you wouldn't need to raise an army to fight against those who oppose you for their forces would already be under your control. Create the chaos so that the only possible solution of order is the one you desire. Whenever mankind has had a thought for themselves to focus their energy, the energy has ALWAYS been redirected by their methods of infiltration and subversion. Cycles. Great year. Black Sun

Those in power control the historical narrative, if you can see now that we are enslaved why not see that we are blind as well? Who are the deep state assets? How long have they been in place? Its important you really understand this. Its important you realize the power and control over us. Its important you question EVERYTHING and THINK FOR YOURSELF

1947 & The World Wars.

Do you trust the official narrative? Satanists infiltrate EVERYTHING. Whenever mankind has had a thought for themselves to focus their energy, the energy has ALWAYS been redirected by their methods of infiltration and subversion. This is the design with which they control the affairs of the world from darkness.

Remember Cognitive Dissonance. The truth has been in front of us the entire time, the choice to KNOW has always been yours.

Roswell. CIA. Highjump. Paperclip-Bariloche. NAZI tech. & MORE.MUCH MUCH MORE Listen to every word.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv70Wln6H2QYouTubeYouTube 3:25 "a satanic power"

The official story is a lie and its easy to prove if you know you should be looking. They relied on overwhelming emotional appeal to cloud your judgment and enforced strict (laws in some nations) social stigmas about questioning the authority. Logistically and mathematically the story falls apart, it was impossible. Logically the story falls apart when you realize the emotional lies.

It doesn't matter how much you "think" you know about the subject. You were fed a lie and knowing the lie by heart doesn't get you any closer to the truth. Only independent critical thinking can do that for you. If you are on board with 9/11 expand your thinking. For those honestly wanting to open your eyes below is a very well done ( i argue the best) presentation on the subject. Primary documentation is provided, do not skip around. I know its a long one but this lie is ingrained deep inside you. FIGHT your urge to be triggered and dismissive because i will just call you a dumb nigger and move on. (welcome to free think zone)

Treblinka, Sobibór and Bełżec <-- each camp is easily proven to be falsified. Learn the official story. Learn the timeline. Learn the geography. Learn basic math and reconcile. The video is a summary of primary documentation from the official sources.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vwku0UFB8_s&feature=YouTubeYouTube http://archive.is/YFcaX



Is about 20min of testimony enough to account for 1/3 of the holocaust? What evidence was introduced at court? Who testified? Why did belzec have one inmate witness? What is roman robak's AKA rudolf reder's escape story? Why do the witnesses provide conflicting testimony regarding the camps?

What evidence exists of the these three camps immediately after the war? 1943 order to dig up 1.3 Million bodies and burn the evidence and plant farms over the fields? Do the claims match up with what is mathematically possible given the surface area/ logistical limitations?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5UyynjxAywYouTubeYouTube "Incontrovertible" by Tony Rooke is one of the best videos on this subject matter in my opinion for redpilling

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kj_VwszvqdMYouTubeYouTube The State of Israel is a Deep State Asset. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balfour_Declaration

Philip Zelikow. 9/11 Commission Executive Director Larry Silverstein Frank Lowy Ronald Lauder Jerome Hauer Lewis M Eisenberg Jules Kroll Judge Michael B Mukasey Judge Alvin Hellerstein Kenneth Feinberg. I/C Victims compensation fund Michael Chertoff. Head of Justice Dept Criminal Division Sheila Birnbaum. Legal disputes mediator Stehen Cauffman Rabbi Div Zakheim Paul Wolfowitz Richard Perle Eliot Abrams Ari Fleischer Douglas Feith Marc Grossman

The "jew call"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOB6f-h2MpkYouTubeYouTube Reconcile the Balfour Declaration with the circumstances before and after ww1. Nazism was natural? Nazism was nurtured? Does anything happen in a garden that a gardener does not intend? Nazism was planned? Think logically and read the Talmud. Who benefited from Nazism? Who funded it? Why are there so many "jewish" converts and former Yiddish?

His birth certificate is a forgery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DEntS_iM3cYouTubeYouTube https://youtu.be/jk3KRxTfkLM?t=42m45sYouTubeYouTube http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/31899587/ntsb-no-safety-briefing-given-prior-to-2013-molokai-plane-crash-that-killed-hawaii-health-director Jews believe that all non jews are their current and future slaves. We are subhuman to the jew. Satanists infiltrate everything, powerful people who don't believe in a God masquerading as Jews. Convince the Jew that he is superior, make the Christians (americans) do their dirty work, stir up conflict in arab nations and use the muslims to create further chaos. Nationalism for the jew, globalism for everyone else. Culture and heritage for the Jew, one world government for everyone else. Israel / zionists/ satanists have pitted the world against each other and everyone serves at their behest. SA-Islam, Vatican-Christianity, Israel- Jew. All under control by the zionists.








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If the Jews hadn't won WWII we would have had biological anthropology as put for forward by race realist Madison Grant instead of "cultural" anthropology by motherfucking (((kike)) Franz Boas.

Biology is ideology folks, you can take a tiger and raise him and love him and train him, that won't stop his predator instincts around small children, and even adults. You cannot make a nigger or any other shit skin or even a jew into a European-style citizen. If you're not white, you're not compatible with western society. Alternative Hypothesis on YouTube has several good videos (here, here, many, many others) about ethnicity and the genetic inheritance of traits and socio-political attitudes. Check him out, too.

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people are reading culture of critique

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How did you know?

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let the left scream and claw like they always do. they are immoral and downright crazy. you don't hear anything about "kids in cages" on the news anymore. It's all a sham and a show they put on to sway public opinion. MSM news = bought and paid for. All their narratives are handed down at 4am. What mind control looks like

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God damn, you're a saint. Very well done

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