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I think we've all been up and down about Voat throughout the years. It just came to my realization a few days ago that I've known many of you for years now. That's incredible.

We fight like family, we disappoint each other like family, we inspire each other like family. Because we are family.

That's incredible.

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The carefagging is real on Voat

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It is. We can be pretty ruthless with each other at times, but I think it's usually coming from a place of brotherly love. I kind of view a lot of you goats as brothers I've never had the honor to meet.

I might just be an insane person though- I believe we have a civil war VERY CLOSE on the horizon, and I'll likely be in a foxhole with Voat users one day. And that'd be an honor.

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Too true. Ive seen goats at each other's throats only to turn around and offer advice or help when something tragic happens. It's like watching two brothers fight then seeing them consoling each other about their dead dog the next day. Its weird and kind of faggy but it really solidifies that these people fucking care.

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Can we all stay up late and have a pillow fight?

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that would be the absolute gayest thing possible. so, yes.

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You niggerfaggots are like more than family to me...we all share a spiritual connection that is represented in the form of goat.

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Fuck @puttitout this nigger @orion is making my eyes water with his Faggot words

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Yup, we're the most perfect dysfunctional family one could hope for. There isn't another place on the whole wide internet that feels like Voat. Thanks, everyone, for making Voat the most amazing hot mess that it is. Thank you Atko for creating this amazing site and thank you Puttitout for keeping it thriving. All the goats who have gone to heaven, well thank you too for the fun memories. Some were good, some were bad, but either way there's a hole in Voat without you being here. Cheers my fellow goats. Maaaa-aaaaa-aaaaa-aaaaa.

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I actually tried to leave but putts banned me from deleting my account.

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I am sure @puttitout will get right to fixing that.

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Fake news. There is a bug in place that prevents anyone from deleting their account if they have been banned from any subverse after a certain date.

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I think this was said in a joking tone :).

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No, it's because he loves me.

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bugs of critical features don't last a year

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As a new Voater, my hats off to you (Putt) and everyone who played a role in creating this forum and community. You have fostered the foundation for a pivotal change in American/World history. Cheers

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You should have been here in 2016. I honestly think we were a punishment assignment for CTR . Like the ones that were late for work had to spend the day on Voat.

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Oh god, those where the days. Now they have to find masochists and Jews to do it, because nobody else can handle the Cool Hand Luke treatment we give them.

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It never was Reddit. It wasn't 4chan. It wasn't even about free speech. It is a culture that doesn't need a safe space. It is a culture that thrives on pestilence. When immortality finds parasites it laughs.

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also interesting reddits open globalist spam Soap Box fags and Q - Anon groupies seem to be suddenly stripped of power here

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I know voat feels like home to you but you're an adult now and you need to move out of the fucking house by Wednesday.

The Management

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Creepy. I happen to be flying out on Wednesday.

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I'm one of the evil newQfaggots, so I guess it's a little too early for me to ask if anyone wants to spoon, but since I washed up on your shore last night I figured I better learn where the fuck I was so I could fuck shit up with the kind of care and sensitivity that is demanded from marauding hordes as a rule.

In reading the msm take on what a shithole this place was, I learned that it was on the brink of extinction at one time, so I am guessing that is the rough patch you are speaking of. If so, here's hoping that the Qurse that is upon you will at least bolster the numbers and regenerate the joint to keep things humming. Fuck, that would be worth it for the irony alone.

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the threat of extinction was quite a while ago, last year sometime or even earlier, i don't remember.. Voat was running low on funds, but Putt asked for help, and withing a few hours and days thousands of dollars where donated, which i think voat is still living of off until today.
The rough patch was this year, Goats were getting burned out, especially our head goat. Gotta remember he runs this site all by him self, does not get paid, and still has a full time job.
This site has suffered endured many attacks. The easy one of the Main Stream Media talking shit about us, and the not so easy ones of DDOS attacks against the servers.

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If you want to learn, start by learning the rules. I've come up with a simple way to explain this to you Qultists:

JDN11DBAN. It means "Jews Did Nine-11, Don't Be A Nigger".

While you're at it, if you really want to learn, we have the most potent, highest dosage red pill. It's called "The Greatest Story Never Told" and it will change you FOREVER. That video is BANNED in 22 Western countries, because it absolutely destroys the narrative that was used to turn the West into the circus it is today.

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Been a lurking GhOAsTFAG for a few years, joined when PizzaGate was being tossed prior to the '16 general election - though been in 'the game' for years. The eye opening doc 'Greatest Story Never Told' changed, for me, more than I could attempt explain in a simple post -- all backed by rarely seen footage, witness testimonies, documents, and the fact that mainstream won't touch it and, when released, was immediately banned by the zioniggers of Joogle (DARPA).

My own ancestry includes mostly Brit & Krout (though I'm Afronig from waist down ;)) and I went through a good part of my half-century on this planet being ashamed of my roots. Needless to say TGSNT changed all that, to the point I contacted its producer/director to thank him directly. Be forewarned - if you have half a heart to keep a box of tissue nearby (come to think of it a masochist might need 'em too along with Jerkins) as the footage and horrific stories are backed by awesome narration and an even better period-piece music score that'll blow your mind -- certainly more than any fictional fairy tale produced by the truth circumcising child diddler, Spielberg, and his "Schindler's Listhp."

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Well said JoeQ. I agree!

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I would support an advertising subvoat where we can go click on shit to generate revenue for voat. Keeping the ads off the main site.

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Would have to go through a front company, and they'd soon find out it was voat and shut it down anyway.

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Completely violates any advertizing terms of service and would get shut down. Better to donate or bring back the old ads.

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I would be ok with ads that are not blocked by Ad Nausem or are part of Brave's ad revenue system.


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What that guy just said.

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