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I appreciate this explanation! I am pretty new to this whole qanon movement, I came to understand it a little better by reading Neonrevolt's blog posts. Watching all of the censorship happening in America didn't make me think, oh, I must be on the wrong track, rather, it made me more alert to the despicable actions being taken against our rights to free speech, your post goes directly to the heart of the matter. I see what you are pointing to, FREE SPEECH!


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I was excited when I first heard GA was coming here. More goats, right? Then I saw their locked down sub, their rules and their "we'll just take this shithole over and make it ours" attitude. Basically the exact opposite of why I came here in the first place.

Voat has grown to what it is organically. No one says you have to do anything here....just be you. The conversations here vary from deep and insightful to downright vile...as it should be. If I want to blow off some steam and get all "kike, nigger, spic, fag" I can....as It should be.

I didn't come here as a refugee(I literally didn't last 10 mins on reddit) so maybe I can't really see it from that point of view. I cannot imagine having to edit what I want to say to fit someone else's idea of what's correct or acceptable. It seems to me that most of GA is/was newly redpilled people that were trying to learn more about the real world while being under the oppressive boot of reddit and their own mods. If I were GA I would demand a regime change, throw out all their old mods, and start fresh in a free speech environment.


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I'd been trying to come up with a good way to explain why we're so hostile, this fits the bill nicely.


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This was the good kind of text wall. I hope they'll read it.


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Makes sense. Thanks for the detailed explanation


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thanks - wish we could use your words for all the immigrants coming to our country and refusing to assimilate - wanting US to change - ps - fuck libs


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Nicely done OP.


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I'm an old school 1994 BBS / MUSH chat rooms and forums gal since I was in high school. Voat reminds me of the good ole days. Including the rough around the edges feel that comes with free speech platforms.

I was on Reddit because that's where I found a fun conspiracy sub and later QAnon. 8chan is clunky to me and I do get tired of the gore etc posts.

Not that I am dictating what anyone should or shouldn't do.

I don't like what was happening on the reddit GA as far as over managing mods but accepted it because Reddit had us under constant threat of banning. In hind sight that was just dumb. They fabricated the posts they needed to justify banning us anyway and all we did was subjugate ourselves in between.

I haven't really been on v/the awakening I went to the GA one immediately. I like it as it goes for a new place. I have heard the "official" sub according to the neon guy is the other but I dont want boots on my neck. And any so called leader (one I never chose) who directs people to such a place is not to be trusted.

I've had many mods from my first admired sysops of the BBS to the mods on the MUDs and later I became a mod on various platforms. I am proud to say I have never been a tyrant like we are seeing in v/theawakening and the crap going on the social platforms is insane yet not surprising.

As a conspiracy theorist I've been warning for 20 years this was coming. Why did Bush need to know what library books we check out? Why did they not read the Patriot Act before passing it? Why did two dissenters and questioning MSM journo get mailed weaponized anthrax but we believed the official story even when they suddenly fell into line?

Why did I stick around where I was afraid to speak or be banned?

Thanks for the explanation shrink. And thank you voaters for applying liberally the salt that keeps this place from being compromised like the rest.


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They fabricated the posts they needed to justify banning us anyway and all we did was subjugate ourselves in between.

This is somewhat off topic, but it's an important bit: people concerned with public appearances/perception of a group are what we call the "muh PR" crowd. This crowd specifically wants to use moderation and curation as a way to put forth the best public face for the group as possible, in order to gain as many supporters as they can, and limit as much negative publicity as they can. This seems perfectly reasonable, and is, in fact, an opinion I held myself a few years ago. The reason for the deletion and banning and whatnot on the v/theawakening subverse was ostensibly to 1) keep people on topic and 2) hold back anything that would make the group look "bad" to outsiders.

The giant problem with the "muh PR" crew and the aforementioned reason #2 is that the MSM is completely and utterly dishonest and will intentionally lie and fabricate things out their asses in order to steer a narrative, and that's assuming they deign to cover your group at all. Being concerned about how your group looks to outsiders is rendered completely futile when the media deliberately is dishonest about you, and they will do anything to paint you any way they wish. This also goes in reverse, and that worked out very well for Obama. Don't ever fall into the trap of thinking "we need to control the content of X, because if we don't, we're just giving ammo to our enemies and critics and driving off potential joiners." Until and unless the media is once again completely objective and honest, this mentality is hamstringing yourself and your group badly. Because, using such "muh PR" rationale, it allows overzealous mods to do practically anything they want, and they'll find a way to justify it.

I have heard the "official" sub according to the neon guy is the other but I dont want boots on my neck

No need to even think about it, the place is already dead, vacated for 8ch. I doubt the place is even looked at by the mods after what happened yesterday.

And thank you voaters for applying liberally the salt that keeps this place from being compromised like the rest.

It's messy business, as you've seen. And it's definitely not foolproof; anyone who has spent a good amount of time on 4chan or 8ch /pol/ has seen a million different kind of shills, and there are some of them that are extremely subversive and subtle, ones who know precisely how to seem just like another user, who slip in subliminal propaganda arguments here and there. Imagine if I were a shill, for example, and worked for Israel. I'd be a very convincing saboteur. So this immune system we have is great for pushing out those superficial, easily identifiable enemies, but the really clever ones who know what they're doing are far more persistent and it takes much more experience to detect them.

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