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What I want to know is why. What's the end game, I mean, yeah, take over the world. Then what?

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Then rule over the uneducated metizos masses, until automation completely removes the need to have goyim servants. After that, just dispose of the goyim.

Just look at the frontpage for all the info you might ever need. Their plan is clear, (((they))) think they're the chosen ones and we're not more than cattle to their eyes. They will not hesitate disposing of us the second they are sure they don't need us

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This is their idea of heaven. They must not achieve it.

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The problem is that their main power stems from their extreme willingness to sacrifice the world and risk the complete extinction of the human species. And that means that the more they win, the higher the probability that things will go absolutely wrong for everyone, themselves included, maybe even wrong in a way the human species will not be able to recover from. And if they "win" without anything going utterly horrible for all, they might end up destroying more and more and decrease in power, since they rely on others for their power - if they are alone, they might end up being forced to become extremely different in order to survive, possibly like their extremely hated enemies, namely people that aren't incredibly evil. And I fear they are so hard-wired to sacrificing all that they would keep sacrificing each other until there was none, or very little left, and maybe even keep things that way and thus likely also permanently confine the human species to the Earth until extinction.

And there are plenty of dangers and challenges for the survival of all of us without kikes intentionally making everything much, much worse.

For arguments reg. this, consider:

  • Their design, creation and spreading everywhere of communism (which pretends to favor workers but in reality hates them and bribes and uses them and seeks to turn them and others into slaves as well as destroy nations from the inside-out and outside-in)
  • Their enabling of Islam and helping it spread all over the West, increasing the risk of Islam getting Europe and its (nuclear) weapons and other, and maybe an end scenario of global Islamic hegemony, which might doom the human species depending among other on the variation of Islam that "wins"
  • Annihilating the West
  • Greatly favoring "social welfare" over space programs that might help the human species spread to space and thus stand a much better chance of survival, and likewise for similar cases
  • Annihilating not just the West, but any tendencies in all peoples that encourages building, defending, fighting, protecting against subversion and infiltration, etc., tendencies that point in the direction of a kind of system that has proven highly valuable to the human species
  • Abusing and exploiting to a horrible degree the "immune system" of the human species to among others get wealth, destroy anyone in their way and otherwise serve their goals. Notably reg. "global warming". And this is a kind of system that helps us all survive and which is extremely damaged by this extreme abuse
  • Etc. etc. etc. etc.

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You need to understand the true leader of the Jews, even the highest Jews, as being Satan. His goal is enslavement, misery, and destruction for all people with God and his son Jesus completely excluded from the world.

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Holy shit. Okay. That makes sense. TY

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There is no endgame, really, it’s just their nature. They evolved over the past 2 millenniums as a parasitic people, it’s how they’ve survived to this point.

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Greater Israel.

expanded borders to the Nile.

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Looking at that jew, you can tell he's lying.

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woah a gif shekelmister.

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Fucking dirty rats.

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Why nobody wrote that yet?

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upvoted. also, antiliberalsociety should be a sub

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Self improvement. Strength.

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