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"Voat is further right of /pol/, which is 80% lefty reddit posting troll demoralizing threads"

The very reason I started browsing Voat ...

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Do you have the one where the goat is playing Holocaust simulator? That's the first one I saw when I first got here back in the day.

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Ah, the only one missing from your collection is the one where Reddit is acting like a needy bitch and the goat sets him straight with a We've all been there, get over it or fuck off. and Reddit stays to play video games.

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An the one where reddit leaves with after capping it's pants.

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Terrifyingly accurate.

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Great stuff, just used on of these images with some whiny niggerfaggots in FPH.

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I'm convinced fph is a weak link of voat. If this place is going to get subverted it's going to be there. A lot of marathon running low t faggots. Some are cool though.

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boy, repelling 4chan without even trying was fucking epic.

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Most of us didn't know it happened until after.

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I just found out about it...

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I hope someone drops that screenshot

Edit: found, added to top post

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So the users of /pol/ just realized that it was already right-wing anyway.

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I didn't even know there was one. I thought it was just another day on voat.

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What was this 4chan raid?

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The people shouldn't fear their government, the government should fear it's people

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TheAwakening mods just learned this first hand.

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Maybe thats why the push to come here. They probably knew they were being subverted from their own mods from within. The ban was the perfect excuse to move and purge the JIDF/Reddit/ADL/SPLC Mods

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God, I love this place!

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Could not have said it better myself! I wish I had known a lot sooner this was here.

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Me three... it's fresh and as real as you can get online!

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Go on reddit and casually mention Voat in a post. then wait a few minutes for the bots. it's so transparent.

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this is why we don't need to ban people, the users can just drive trash like this off ourselves.

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This is why they ban people for being "mean" and "offensive" first and foremost on the cuck sites - it allows people to get away with being propagandist, corporatist, globalist fucking shills with NO backlash, which means they just keep doing it.

If you can just make it so the shills cry and don't want to be here, they will write the site off as a target.

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I came over here after mde got banned, and I have to say, I like this communtiy much better.

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you guys are doing pretty well tbh

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I still maintain a presence on reddit to drop red pills, but MDE and MurdochMurdoch were the only two places in reddit where I could find sanity

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Thank you for your service, salute! o7

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this shit is so good

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I like taunting them with the fact that they will get fucking sandboxed due to downvoats, but have no such power themselves. Just keep taunting them with the fact that their preciously cultivated shill propaganda account will shortly be useless for all time.

Demoralizes the cuck shills hard.

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Been lurking for a while, made an account today, fucking love it.

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Welcome aboard niggerfaggot. Let me show you to the gas chambers, we may need you to drag someone in there sometime. Don't be a maximum retard and that someone won't be you.

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I only found out about the 4chan raid after they had already run back to their safe space.

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Same, just a small bump in shit memes.

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