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You have no data to back up that racist claim, while I have [links to hundreds of statistics that prove racism is bad]

Yeah, alright this never happens.
Race realists are always correct.

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That's what I was coming in here to say. I've never seen real stats that paint niggys good.

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Hundreds of links proving some races and cultures are better than others http://archive.is/LRe05

or you could just look at the raw data on the FBI UCR page

@lupinstorm is a faggot, unable to evaluate fact or opinion that he doesn't agree with, how mentally weak

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They have to go back.

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Seeing this kind of shit come here with the new wave of refugees just makes me realize how really terrible reddit is.

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I think it's simply a matter of IQ. People are getting smarter and dumber with each generation. Reddit is fine if you know what you're doing. I use it for niche topics that are apolitical, and that only - it's a hilariously simple system to keep the normies entertained while simultaneously continuing the groupthink process that public school started.