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I used to consider myself radical left. I thought violence is the only way to get shit done and eventually we'd end up fighting the right. This was long before the return of Antifa and those pussies. This was before the idea of privilege, oppression and that bullshit. What really made me go fast in the other direction was being surrounded by leftists. Nothing will turn you right faster than being around a bunch of smug, puny rich kids with useless degrees that cost more than most people make in ten years. They were the most intolerant, SELFISH, racist people you could imagine.

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I thought violence is the only way to get shit done and eventually we'd end up fighting the right.

You may have been right about the first part of that sentence. You were just wrong about who you had to fight.

I know conservatives tend to like to take the moral high ground and scoff at the notion of violence. But in my opinion, we're passed the point where moral high grounds matter. We're telling our kids "violence is the ultimate evil and should never ever be used"; meanwhile, our enemies are training their kids to become school shooters in secluded desert camps. It doesn't take a genius to figure out who stands a better chance of surviving that kind of conflict.

Sometimes, you've gotta kick a bully's ass to earn their respect and make them leave you alone. On a larger scale, that might mean "Killing your opposing faction's members until they don't want anymore". My martial arts instructor gave me this great bit of wisdom: Most fights aren't determined by skill or strength, the winner is typically the man who wanted the fight more. This isn't always true, but it does make sense- a timid man who really doesn't want to fight will be flinchy and panicky if someone squares up with them.

And we have been watching the American conservative flinching and panicking for YEARS now. That's how we found ourselves in a position where Hillary fucking Clinton almost became our president. It's time to want to fight, it's time to take victory.

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I've always believed you don't fight unless attacked or you really have to but when you do, destroy them so they wish to hell they never fucked with you. I'm a big guy with a number of visible scars so I'd look just like the type of guy that would go around attacking people, which is why I don't. If something happens everyone immediately thinks I did it, which is why I don't get violent

But when I do they'll be in the hospital and remember me every time they pass a mirror.

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Pussification of America is a real thing. It's long but a great watch, hard to turn off. He covers all of this;

when they teach us to fight we win! (WWII)

Now they preach to us peace and love and we're losing! (Vietnam)

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Sometimes, you've gotta kick a bully's ass to earn their respect and make them leave you alone.

Most times it's the only way. You have to show the bully for the coward he is.

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Antifa was around for a long time. It was created around the time of the 1920's and was part of the red front of the KPD (communist party) in germany.

So if you're not over a hundred years old, I doubt that you were left-wing "long before Antifa"

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This is what I meant by smug. You sure you're not from Cambridge MA?

We all know Antifa was around a long time. Don't be a pedantic dickhead.

Fixed for you, asshole

I'm sorry Reddit banned your sub. I hope you like this place better

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modern antifa is not the same group.

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I thought violence is the only way to get shit done

I mean, not the only way to get anything done. But if we're going to ask the question "what will it take to get the USA back to the greatness it had in, say, 1850?" then violence and civil war may truly be the only response left to us. It most definitely is the only remaining path for Sweden, the UK, and Germany. They have simply imported far too many violent zealots who demand the world and obedience, and if the entire population of all those countries united and told the migrants to GTFO, they wouldn't go peacefully. Europeans have war ahead of them inevitably.

They were the most intolerant, SELFISH, racist people you could imagine

To be fair, intolerance and racism are not the same thing, and also neither of those is a bad thing either. It depends on the justification. Everyone is intolerant of many things and for good reason, and racism is the default mode of all peoples on the planet. Racism is often strawmanned as an irrational hatred of someone simply due to differences, and that's a repulsive lie the kikes constantly spout in order to push for multiculturalism.

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And somehow with their degrees its as if they got dumber.

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Blame the school system, and the leftist boards that tell them what to teach ... what to history to change. The education these days compared to what i received is laughable ... https://www.thenewamerican.com/reviews/opinion/item/10690-why-the-federal-government-should-get-out-of-education The corruption is not just in the government ... It is also in the school systems. There goal is to shape the mind of everyone's children once they have there minds ... your no longer necessary and are actually a threat because you can teach your kids to think for themselves and research at a very early age “Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world.” ― Vladimir Leni

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Degrees were obtained by reading the books preselected for them, where the authors (often the professors themselves) quote other authors who are quoting other authors in a big circle jerk so the student knows how to think. No one goes to the national archives to find the ACTUAL DOCUMENTS to prove said theories, and if the student proves teacher wrong it'll hurt their grade.

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They have a lot of education so they don't feel like they have to learn about life.

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You can really only blame them so much for responding like that; look how thoroughly and for how long they've been taught by every authority they encounter that rules simply don't matter where they're involved. It's what they believe because it's what they've been taught to be true.

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"Actions have consequences"- surprising how many people don't learn that, ever.

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Most of the time when someone says "consequences" they're not talking about natural results like those of pissing into the wind. They mean the retaliation they're plotting against things they disagree with. There's nothing natural or objective about that to "learn," it's also people's choices.

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Wait till you start trying to reason with a leftist nigger. Or some tranny faggot. The left is fucked in the head.

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Also, because they're women, and women are given to putting their precious fee-fees before, y'know, actual facts...

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You can always tell the leftists who haven't fully transformed yet by how they're still convinced that people's actions are always somebody else's fault.

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Marxist regimes have put people to death for wearing fucking glasses. They hate any sign of actual intelligence.

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Because thinking about reality is dangerous. You could become aware of the truth and that's what communism hates as the plague.

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If you want to see just how fast and brutal the far left can be, Cambodia is the perfect example. Stalinist pogroms were worse in terms of death count, but they came many years after the Marxists took power, and were hidden from the average citizen. Pol Pot managed to ruin a country in under 2 years, openly and with the cooperation of the peasantry. And by killing everyone intelligent (ie with good genetics and/or good parenting styles), he managed to fuck up the next several generations. Cambodia is only barely starting to recover today.

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Checked out Cambodia's average IQ... 91 is not bad given the smart ones were killed, huh?

edit: once -> ones

The lowest one is Equatorial Guinea which is 59

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I mean was that really because it was taken as a sign of intelligence? Seems more like it would be a sign of being part of the upper class(or possibly upper-middle in more recent regimes) as well as being sub-par in terms of ability to serve and to breed. I don't imagine the stereotype of people with glasses being smart became a thing until the media started pushing it as a way of implying that intelligence is linked with poor health and physical ability while at the same time promoting the idea that those with poor health often are good with more mental things. Basically a way of degrading society.

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It was cause you were part of the intellectuals. And yes, there was a clear dichotomy between working class and intellectual in place, where the latter were often described as parasites on the healthy and proper working class. It had nothing to do with breeding/genetics/eugenics, or at least not in Poland where I take most of my info from.

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This is why there are two groups who are always persecuted first by Marxists. Intellectuals and the people who brought about the revolution. They want the intellectuals dead so they can't bring truth to the people. They want the revolutionaries dead so they can't attempt to fix what they've broken once they realize it's a complete lie.

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So much irony! It was a women’s only event but she claims sexism? She lost to another black female athlete and she claims racism? Serena is deluded

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Williams cried sexism because it's a tranny gorilla on steroids.

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Her argument was that male players wouldn't have gotten penalized for the same actions.

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Except male players do.

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Serena isn't a tranny?

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If OP doesn't become a far-right fascist after dealing with this, it's over for him.

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He will, but it takes time to undo decades of thinking a certain way. It's a journey, but once started is irreversible.

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FINALLY! And yet he is still a leftist?!?! Riddle me that?

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If he doesn't take the blue pill, he'll become a based centrist after this. Then he'll actually start to think about his political ideals and become a libertarian after a year or two of being a centrist. From there, he'll either double down and become an AnCap or he'll realize that libertarianism is incapable of preserving the things that he values and become a conservative. That's usually how these things go.

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So crazy watching what has happened to the left since 2008. Not saying there weren't tons of red flags along the way. They're all corporate/government shills now. Disappointment doesn't really describe it - so much of it is simply unbelievable. They really were kind of the good guys during the Bush years...and those people still exist, but they're posting nazi frogs now.

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Communists were always like this though. The communist party of the 1920's had banners on their headquarters like: "There is no fatherland, long live the internationale.", etc.

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So you're saying they were part of a...rootless international group? Or clique?

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Older goats like me are still a little confused by the shift. It wasn't too long ago that it was the left who was hardcore free speech. The ACLU used to go to court the protect the Nazis' right to march, the KKK's right not to surrender their member list to the government, and a woke priest's right to give anti-Jew sermons. Something happened after Obama won and I don't think anybody really knows what yet.

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I get that feeling to. It's like a certain group really got their man in and all of a sudden we had to kill Kadafi and "free" Libya and what actully happened is we went back into the stone age with the reintroduction of slavery and waves of slaves trying to come across the Mediterranean Sea. It's almost like 10,000 BCE. all over again. Now the Israelis are trying to destabilize the area around there enclave so they can just walk in and take what they need. We just give them the right to destroy the indigenous population which they claim doesn't exist.

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You do understand that there is a reason shit when to super shit? The biggest robbery in man kind happend in 2008 with the bail out and that money was given to the (((whoever they are))) to destroy western civilization.. what do you think is funding all the bullshit thats been going on?

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They really were kind of the good guys during the Bush years...


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I mean half of those are pretty based. Quarter of them are straight up calling out the Jews.

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Dude, just wait until you're a conservative woman with an opinion and white skin.

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Any day now..

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Women rely more on social status and homogeny than men do. I imagine it would be harder due to that.

And why the fuck doesn't my spell check have homogeny in it? What retard made the word list?

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