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Reddit faggots don't even understand what Q is fighting for.

Q never posted to reddit for a REASON.

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I'm new here. Maybe I could beg you for the details?

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Reddit is literally owned by the deep state. Do you get good Q info from CNN?

The mods on reddit work for reddit, reddit works for the very people Q and President Trump are working to take down. The mods on this new sub are the same people who worked for reddit (and CONTINUE working for reddit).

Q posts on 8chan because it's not owned by the deep state like reddit (and the thirteen reddit mods controlling what you see now, on theawakening).

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Reddit is controlled opposition. There is a repeatable pattern of replacing non-cooperative mods and then heavily censoring the subs. /R/conspiracy is a good example. If Q posted to Reddit, they would make algorithms to make sure the post was never seen. They already use such filters to stifle talk of alt-tech.

Reddit systematically purges subs knowing that the weak-minded will come running back and beg for censorship after getting ass-raped by voat and the chans. /R/thedonald is an example of this tactic.

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We have a well documented troll here on Voat, @Womb_Raider is one of their known accounts: https://voat.co/v/TheSRSList/2345472

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I’m hijacking your comment cause it’s the closest I can get to the top to say


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Everyone knew that would get shut down same as pizzagate. Dick was diamonds when it happened

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The reason is that Q-LARP is a proven hoax, right?

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yes, because you can be traced at Reddit.....unlike 8chan you dip shit... WWG1WGA .....BITCH

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It's only been a subverse for 2 days....

Let that sink in.

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Was it created before the shutdown? Were the same mods ready for it?

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oh wow, hey that's a good point

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Pretty sure the subverse was just a few hours after the ban from reddit. I remember seeing yesterday something that said "This has been a community for 4 hours" or something to that effect.

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A community for 1.3 days.

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That I don't know.

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We've had a Q sub for months now, with only two pages each of banned users and deleted comments and three of removed submissions. That they felt the need to make their own speaks volumes.

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Why does the mod list read like a group of edgy hipster revolutionary larper neck-beard feminists ?

Pro-tip: You can't just ban the world. You have to ignore the haters and get on with it. If your arguments are credible then they'll stand the test of trolls. If you ban the trolls because your fee-fees are hurt then your argument holds water like my grand-pappy's bladder.

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Now now, Manginas have an important role in society, helping fat girls feel special. They're Fat Chick Thrillers, EVERY ONE OF THEM!

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The "13 Angry Democrats voat mods".

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90% sure because they are a group of edgy hipster revolutionary larper neck-beard feminists or bots.

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If "we dont say their name" was prepping to rid themselves of GA, it may stand to reason that they have people embedded here. They had r/pizzagate go down exactly the same way.

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These faggots are crying about censorship on another site only to come here to censor themselves. This level of retardation is truly a sight to see.

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You truly cannot fix stupid. Survival of the fittest at its best

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Aren't they warring for dominance with another Q sub too? Its amusing. Like watching a soap opera full of middle aged retards.

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Yeah they are. They are calling us shills that are trying to divide them but they've divided themselves into 2 subs.

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Holy shit.

That's ultimate piggery.

It's also really stupid because none of the reddit refugees are forced to even look at their sub. They can stay on voat and have all the freedom of speech they want.

Too stupid to figure out that without an iron curtain, they can't have totalitarianism.

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They need their safespace

[–] Reddit_is_shitty 1 points 24 points (+25|-1) ago 

Anyone who bans or deletes anything on Voat is a stupid motherfucking idiot.

The entire point of Voat is to not censor anything.

/u/girlwonder /u/high-valyrian and /u/RonaldSwansong are a bunch of establishment loving kikes who enjoy being censoring faggots like the Marxist worshiping dumbfuck communists they are.

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the point of voat is to not censor anything

Congrats on admitting the website exists to hide the truth.


[–] Reddit_is_shitty 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Not censor = hiding the truth

You really REALLY are a special kind of retarded, aren't you?

Black pilled faggots like you are worse than the kikes trying to subvert western society. You're a scared little bitch who would rather sit on the sidelines like an anti-cheerleader than actually do something.

You always tell everyone else they'll never do anything. Well, it's projection on your part because you're a scared little pussy. You've never encountered conflict in your life and prevailed. Ever. You have a debilitating mental sickness, and you compound it with your pseudo-intellectual ramblings about nonsense.


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I browsed through their rulebook and you will be banned for being a dick. It is heresy!

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banned for being a dick

Thats... thats terrible, banning people for being the wrong body part?

Do they ban you for being an asshole or a pussy?

For being the wrong color, creed or nationality?

Why, it's almost like racism, I tell you .

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This sort of anti-dick prejudice is so triggering to me.

Can we have the UN police look into this ongoing anti-dick hate crime?

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Ban the frontholes!

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I was banned for being an earlobe once. True story.

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Voat: dicks only

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>Rule Violation in v/theawakening: Rule 2; Description: PERMANENT. Slurs. Calling out mods. Belongs in 8chan.


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QAnon hated reddit and posted to 8chan instead for a reason.

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Q-LARP tells his cronies not to bother 8/pol/ for a reason, too. That reason is because it knows that we expose it as a hoax every single time those faggots post on /pol/, and so they have their little cloistered hugbox where no dissent is allowed.

Just like their boards here.

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