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They’re using OUR SERVERS to be this fucking gay too.

Too big of a burden on servers for too much pussy faggotry.

If they don’t get the message, ban their sub.

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"ban their sub."

You're not a goat.

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Or... you know... censorship is for liberal faggots

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Just ban the mods and let the sub sort itself out naturally.

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What? Can't get your cursor to click on the Block button? Normie.

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If criticism of your argument results in you having to ban those critical of your argument you don't have an argument you have a fantasy or a delusion.

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Oh vey

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Look the mods weigh easy 1.3M worth of people and i think we should bury them and dig them up later in the spring and put them on firepits we can make from the local rails without allocating for lumber logistics like wood storage but it will all work out because the really gay mods will burn hot enough to keep the others lit throughout the night trust me fam.

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I got this response from a newfag today: "I know you think voat is “your” corner of the internet, but all of the 75k reddit great awakening followers just got here and like it or not your “niggerfaggot” culture is going to change."

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I can't wait for those newbs to run in to me, in a comment thread; been working on a few new insults. Some real psychological torture shit.

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the best bad time, though. It's gonna be so much fun to watch.

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The reason why communities with freedom of speech usually turn into dens full of Nazis is because we don't get triggered, unlike the liberals. They need to ban us to get rid of us, we merely need to call them names.

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Are these the fucking mongoloids who also praise Trump for wanting a wall? For fuck's sake, the hypocrisy.

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Do you fucking see these fuckers coming in all fucking proudfaggy n shit... unreal

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Do you have a front door? Do you lock it at night? A fence? Do you lock your car door? For fucks sake. It this the result of Common Core? Wow.


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What are you talking about? A wall to protect the border is, what, like ban-happy mods?

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I just got here from redshit and didn’t know this site existed. Someone already (from here) told me that I should maybe tone down my niggerfaggot comments. I’m pretty sure I will assimilate just fine as long as the Jews, niggers, and faggots don’t take control.

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When I first got here I would've agreed with that person. Today I would happily tell the kike to gas himself. It keeps out the weak-minded and keeps the sort who should stay.

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Hope you told that fag to neck himself

Welcome to Voat!

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Who ?

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Now that’s fucking weird... I just commented in a thread about that Barbra Lerner Spectre bitch and that sounds oddly close to what she says about letting niggers into Europe.

Oy vey GTFO kike newfags

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  • Comes to your country

  • Subverts government and institutions

  • You try to stop it

  • AntiSemitism

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one of the main rules in the GA subreddit was against antisemitism. that specificity is only necessary if the mods have something to protect regarding kikes. there is a reason they love Israel in that sub.

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Fucking boomers

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/r/GreatAwakening refugee trolling for CCP ^^^

you idiots fell for it.

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To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize

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We even control the clouds and weather.


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I have to take exception with one part of this. If the Jews had been relocated to Madagascar that would totally fuck up something on the bucket list. I want to take the wife to see the lemurs but who wants to see a fucking lemur with hair curls and a yamaka?

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Ever hear of game hunting - get a new bucket list

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You're being suckered-in, newfag. Have a downvoat. Notice they're attributing all of the above to Q.

The best part? Q knows Voat is like this, and is probably laughing his/their ass off. No better way to redpill GA-pilled redditors on the JQ than to send them to Voat. That'll prepare 'em for "we're saving Israel for last". :)

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I wasn't impressed by The_Donald or The_Pedes, but in hindsight they may just have been misguided. In comparison at least. These are just retards we're dealing with.

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The_Pedes was fucking hilarious imo. They were going all about business as usual until the first bullshit ban hit the front page and the mods realized their actions were open and being watched and they couldn't do a thing about it.

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They’re the leftovers of the leftover retards who still hadnt been banned on reddit. Just because we have free speech doesn’t mean we cater to every faggot, especially when they set up subs that violate our free speech policy.

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Faggots telling me to watch my language and be polite. FUCK THEM. They just got to voat 2-5 hours ago telling me that shit. Fuck them.

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@HenryCorp has been doing that for years and is somehow still here. Can we gas him too?

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Those fuckers, that new subverse, I can't downvote ANYTHING cause my participation trophies are not good enough. Been here 3 fucking years and can't downvote. Fuckers on there been voat members for 2-5 hours TELLING ME I NEED TO BE POLITE AND WATCH MY LANGUAGE. What kind of faggot ass cancer are those reddit pukes???? Fuck, it is cancer over there.

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I think it's embaarrassing to watch a bunch of retarded faggots inaugurate themselves with the "awakened" epithet when they were too dense to even realize that they were broadcasting all of their personal data to a website that is operated by the very people they seek to delegitimize. It's like they saw a bunch of niggers who do that exact same thing; that is: usurp control of their caretakers' most prized forums in order to bite the hand that feeds them. The only difference is, kikes fund initiatives to guilt us into letting parasitic hordes of mud devour our ancestral institutions while these "awakening" reddit fags are merely a JIDF set up attempting to hijack a threat to globalist new world hegemony.

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It's a process, give them time.

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Do not give them time to do anything. Make them change. If they stay on voat long enough with the "no racism", "don't divide the movement" and "This is designed to be exactly the same as r/GA," they will turn this website into Reddit and we'll ALL be censored eventually - possibly through mass downvoating from sensitive commie fags. I can see it already, those who aren't ready to adapt will try to conquer and then we all lose our free speech.

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...time to feel the sting of refusal, intolerance of misinformation, rejection of forced views and a rope long enough to hang themselves?

Sounds nice.

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Salvini we need you!

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We also need Pinochet!

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