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What's this retarded circle jerk Reddit shit? None of this is anything leftists said.

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CNN: Mueller to investigate Hurricane amid rumors of colluding with Trump

NBC: Declares Hurricane Florence as "our" new female President

Fox: Why Trump's hurricane is good for American real estate

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Next thing you know they become "conspiracy theorist" with headlines like

Trumps deepstate uses weather manipulation to create hurricane to destroy homes and buy land for cheap.

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Lol some of these are too obvious in terms of parody

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Is Salon still a thing?

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And I swear each day it's making Cosmo look good.

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socialism is always back on the rise.

until one day one nation says no

and then until oen day one said nation says

oy vey the earth belongs to us!

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Really great work just needs polish

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Obviously fake, but hilarious. Every. fucking. headline. these days is like this.

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This was literally from an /r/The_Donald thread, but /u/Russianbots is such a fucking karma whore that he stripped the names out, and didn't even link to the original thread. Can I be the one to jump on the back of this loser's head once it's firmly planted on a curb? I don't just want to hear it, I want to feel the squish beneath my feet.

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This is what you get when you replace your writing staff with AI.