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I don't agree with the Sodomite term being a social construct but well I take from that point of view of yours that you are not a Christian. So leaving that aside, I appreciate the input.

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I respect Christians who covet law and order, not unlike myself. But never to the point of bragging about it, out of humility. My input was how you confuse what is Political and Social. Then to have the audacity to combine conservative (as in limited government centralist) with a left of Socialist.

You are why indoctrination works better than Forced Slavery. Other than the massive suicides, less getting the hands dirty for the Slave Masters.

Voluntary Servitude is legal slavery. Or so the Junkies keep telling me.

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I see, well lets see, left winged policies have created laws promoting degeneracy and sodomy. Apparently, being against them, from your point of view are not related with the political definition of the term conservatism and I can't agree with that either.

You just stated that conservatism was a "limited government centralist". Meaning limiting the actions of the government on our personal lives for example. When policies are put in place to promote things that go against our values as Christians and go against God's Word, meaning God's Law, calling that out is not bragging self-righteousness, nor indoctrination as you call it (that you even compared me with junkies) but part of our task to rebuke false doctrines and spread the Word of God.

You calling us legal slaves (implicitly) is nothing more than projections thrown from your part because you think that your own perception is without flaw and that you are free from indoctrination.

But that is because you are ignorant (not in a dismissive or insulting way) of the spirit of the enemy and his synagogue pushing on you agnosticism, atheism and the rest of the degeneracy that is in this world.

But I don't hold that against you, I will advise you to get closer to God as time grows shorter to reject the enemy's false doctrines. In the end that is and will be your choice. Salvation is yours to take it or not.

Also being a Christian in belief is not the same as coveting for law and order, the term covet is quite demeaning on our purpose in life because we desire God's law and order. That has nothing to do with the laws of this world. However we will adapt to the laws of the land if we have to or protest and defend our rights when we have to.