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"sodomites, transgenders and illegal immigration" is a social construct, it is NOT political, other than invading armies regarding unlawful entry.

Immigration is black and white. It's lawful or illegal. Socialist and Social causes are one and the same now, which is why Italy is a cess pool.

Hell, Mussolini died as a life long Marxist. That's why they labeled his Italian government in the thirties. The Nazis' had Socialism, while Stalin's ideological buddy was nationalizing Italian Industry so we called them Fascist.

Yet it was Italian Communism that militarized the civilian Police and Nationalized private Industry.

Problem with that is that the Italian mobs in America became way too powerful with Vatican backing.

John Kennedy knew this, and bless his Racist ass tried to stop the mob from fucking over America.

Say, how did it work out for his little brother, an unofficial but vocal Investigator?

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I don't agree with the Sodomite term being a social construct but well I take from that point of view of yours that you are not a Christian. So leaving that aside, I appreciate the input.

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I respect Christians who covet law and order, not unlike myself. But never to the point of bragging about it, out of humility. My input was how you confuse what is Political and Social. Then to have the audacity to combine conservative (as in limited government centralist) with a left of Socialist.

You are why indoctrination works better than Forced Slavery. Other than the massive suicides, less getting the hands dirty for the Slave Masters.

Voluntary Servitude is legal slavery. Or so the Junkies keep telling me.