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That's because bread is made with 4 ingredients: salt, flour, water, and yeast. What they make is a chem-loaf of crap.

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I mean bread in general is bad. Flour, bad. Your body processes it like it is sugar. Ever heard of a thing called Carbohydrates? They are the main reason for American obesity. I just got into an argument with someone the other day about how waffles aren't a fucking breakfast food. Ever wonder why you feel so tired in the morning? You prob ate a bagel, waffles, donuts, or some sort of other carb filled garbage that your body has to work hard to break down, while giving you no nutrients for the day. I just like to help people see how shit their diets are.

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You are doing good work. Thanks!

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Jesus do people ever hate hearing that bread is poor people will keep you alive if you aren't getting much else otherwise it is shit. I prefer to take all my carbs in beer form. My fucking monkey brain loves it too asshole!