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I went to subway today. I was in a rush and really hungry. I haven't been there in years due to previous bad experiences. God do I regret it.

The place was dirty and the staff were embicles.

First off, the lady who took my order had a pencil mustache that she kept licking at all times.

She burnt the sandwhich to a crunchy black finish in the oven, filling the restaurant with smoke. So she started over with another sandwhich then burnt it black yet again. The third sandwhich she got correct then she passed it on to the next person.

This person looks like a literal butt-fucking homosexual soyboy with a neck beard. He didnt say anything - he just made direct eye contact with me for a moment then walked away. When he came back he started piling all sorts of toppings and dressing on it without asking what I wanted. I didnt want mayonnaise, mustard, and ranch. The sandwhich was soaked with sauce and irreparable. They started over with a new sandwhich.

By the fourth sandwhich they got everything right. On to the cashier. He was a deathfat with down syndrome. He rung up my sandwhich as something completely different than what I ordered so it would have cost me more. He didnt know how to operate the register so someone had to come void the transaction for him. He finally entered the right sandwhich so when I handed him cash he said "oops I selected credit instead of cash. Let me get the manager again to void the transaction." So after that I paid and left.

A police officer was there eating a sandwhich and we happened to make eye contact and he said "I saw all of that. Wow. Just wow."

So please boycott away.

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Voat down for wall of text of your fucking yelp review over here. Also don't call people stupid and misspell "imbeciles".

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You seem unnecessarily triggered over this. What are you complaining about exactly? Typos are a thing and so are long comments. Try relaxing.