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@Enigmatic_Continuum - admits to @NoBS that he drinks soy out of nigger dicks

Why don’t faggots ever read his bio? It’s not like Putt doesn’t use a disclaimer. His troll game is strong.

@heygeorge @expertshitposter

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How do you have time to type when you're busy sucking the shit out of your niggers' assholes?

I dont own slaves anymore. But if I did, thats probably not a good way to keep them clean.

After all, that's what shitposters do best.

Says the dumb faggot feeding the trolls.

They feed off of each others' excrement,

No. Just your REEEEE

then have a circle jerk when someone points out their bullshit as if celebrating something profound. You're all perfect examples of crotch rot.

Come on bra, its like you arent even trying? Crotch rot?? Wtf. 2edgy4me you wn.

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ITT, and mysterious righteous poster @Enigmatic_Continuum - admits to @NoBS that he has an agenda while simultaneously decrying OP for (laughably) ‘collecting upvoats.’

@trigglypuff @expertshitposter there are so many* who are out now starting to pretend they actually give a shit about this place.

*really only a few people who have a ton of alts

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Itt, an e-fistfight is going down. And @Enigmatic_Continuum confuses "shitpost in disguise" with zyklon's open carry shitposting.

@Enigmatic_Continuum is probably a middle aged useless fence-sitting civic nationalist, and @NoBS is gonna defeat him in e-combat with his black pills and RIGHT WING EXTREMISM!


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Seth Rich was the only Pinko Commie Fag I can respect for walking the talk.

Which is why talk dependent on personal attacks cheapens Socialist Media.

The same Intelligence dependent who deflect government corruption.

Your Master compels you.

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