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Shit or get off the pot.

WHY? Why not harm them a little bit more? Why stop harming them before they've stopped breathing?

They should leave the EU. As should everyone else.

AFTER they bled it to death while benefiting from it.

If you leave before the beast is deat, it can bleed YOU to death. Theyre bigger and more efficient.

The beast needs to die.

The best, easiest and quickest way to kill it is a financial collapse. Just bleed it to death. Pretend to do whatever they want but dont do it and just keep taking their money without giving anything useful in return. Just like in good ol soviet russia. You pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.

Hungary is acting like (((Hungary)))

Some people deserve to get jewed in the ass till it bleeds. The EU is one of those people.

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The EU is its member states. Hungary is not jewing the EU. Hungary is jewing France, Germany, the UK and everyone else involved. They should rightfully get told to get fucked for it. You don't get to eat at the table if you don't pay your part of the bill. The EU is a bad deal but if you take it, you get to pay for it.

But paying for shit is something of a lost art in former iron-curtain countries where the apex of culture is nicking copper and bikes while posturing about not taking immigrants who were only going there because the EU literally were forcing them to.

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but if you take it, you get to pay for it.

No, you dont. If somebody tries to fuck you over, you dont simply walk off. You take revenge by fucking them over twice as hard. Trying to play fair with a scammer just means that youre a retard. Now fuck off, "honest" retard.