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so long as they choose to take EU taxpayer money.

At this point they should take all the money they can and flip them off both with both hands in return.

The sole reason the EU is giving them the money in the first place is to fill them up with muslims, niggers and other non-hungarians in order to dilute the votes of native hungarians. Their endgame is to make the invaders get citizenships and make them vote "stay" if Hungary eveer dared to try to get out of the eu.


The more niggers the EU forces you to take in, the harder it will be to leave the EU. Immigrants are EU's fifth column.

Taking EU money is like selling your soul to Satan, and nobody would argue that you actually have to be "honest" and hand over your soul to Satan when he comes to collect it. Just flip the motherfucker off.

Considering that the long-term goal of the EU wrt Hungary is for Hungary to literally stop existing, Hungary has no motherfucking "obligations" towards the EU, no matter the amount of money they take. In contrary, they have the moral obligation to inflict as much financial harm on the EU as they can before they flip them off and leave.

You can't have it both ways.

You can, you absolutely can. The EU deserves it. Lets bleed the asshole to death.


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tfw Somebody says something really good and you upvote them before finishing.

Then you finish reading and try to upvote them again.


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At this point they should take all the money they can and flip them off both with both hands in return.

They are. And the EU is telling them they can't have it that way. For all its fault, the EU is in the right here. The EU is in the wrong for the reason this situation even exists which is the wholesale replacement of the population with illiterate monkeys but Hungary is acting like (((Hungary))) on this one. Shit or get off the pot. They should leave the EU. As should everyone else.

It's not on productive western Europeans to subsidize the career-alcoholism of slavs and other eastern-Euro hicks who think Adidas is the height of fashion. Nor is it Europe's problem that Greece thinks you should get to retire at 13 and have 3 hour work-weeks.

The EU is breeding a generation of useless people by leeching the productive to feed the weak in preparation for complete replacement. The beast needs to die.


[–] no-hurry-no-pause 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Shit or get off the pot.

WHY? Why not harm them a little bit more? Why stop harming them before they've stopped breathing?

They should leave the EU. As should everyone else.

AFTER they bled it to death while benefiting from it.

If you leave before the beast is deat, it can bleed YOU to death. Theyre bigger and more efficient.

The beast needs to die.

The best, easiest and quickest way to kill it is a financial collapse. Just bleed it to death. Pretend to do whatever they want but dont do it and just keep taking their money without giving anything useful in return. Just like in good ol soviet russia. You pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.

Hungary is acting like (((Hungary)))

Some people deserve to get jewed in the ass till it bleeds. The EU is one of those people.