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The us government does this by threatening to take away funding.


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This is different than that. This is the removal of authority by the government itself and essentially diplomatic conquer of Hungary wheras the dis-allocation of federal funding still preserves the ability and the rights for the seperate states to govern themselves.

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The US only does this when they refuse to cooperate with us constitutional law, even then it is generally applied to funding in that regard, Law enforcement for law funds. NOT all FUNDS/RIGHTS.


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Bullshit. Why do you think the drinking age in every state is 21? It's because otherwise the states don't suck off the tit of the federal highway funds. There are numerous examples like that. The only differences between states are the colors of drivers licenses. I think states should be outspending the feds, not the other way around. Vote for federalism please, you faggots.


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No, the federal government attaches strings to each and every grant it gives to states/school districts/localities. If they break the rules, they lose the money. There's no restrictions on what those rules can be.


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They did it to WV for letting 18 year olds drink.