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I want my dick to be left alone now. I don't want to put my dick through another operation or modification. Moreover, pretty much owned by jews so fuck this. They make money out of your mutilation and now, they also want to make money out of your regeneration, without knowing if it has side effects. I will watch this but I won't inflict this to my self. I will live with this phantom pain.

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Yeah I understand the sentiment. I'm only going to go through with it a year or so after the first people have undergone the operation.

I might be a minority, but I don't place people in buckets based on religion / race, I tend to focus on their attitude and personality instead, on an individual basis. Of course I'm a race realist, so I keep the differences between people in mind, but I try not to automatically judge like that.

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I know,. not holding ym breath though... I am taking matters into my own hands, quite literally, restoring my foreskin via tugging and tape methods. Going to invest in a TLC tugger though when I get enough slack.

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Yeah I've been doing that as well. I think they'll be able to work with restored skins as well, but it might take a little extra to work around the stretched skin. I think as long as most of the stretching is done under the scar line you should be fine

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Nice. T taping and method 2?