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Wow, you cant even argument bro. We're talking about body integrity and a humans body. If you believe in evolution, theres no REASON to circumcise, unless you think hundreds of thousands of years of evolution are somehow wrong?

So altering a childs body for the rest of their lives, removing thousands of nerve endings and a lot of skin (penis size) without their consent is OK? Wow, you're sick.

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Imaginary trauma? There's documented research. WHy don't you post some studies that dont involve fucking Africans, at least?

If you're more of a God person, then why would God design something that isnt supposed to work with teh vagina during intercourse?

TO imply surgery is to say that there is something inherently wrong with the foreksin, rigged band, frenulum, etc. There is nothing inherently wrong with teh human body... Those parts of the penis exist for a reason.

Im not saying panic because it happened to you, its way past that, panic because it still goes on and causes problems. Babies die from this needles procedure...

A slew of ad hominems arent an argument./