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This isn't the first time it was brought to everyone's attention.

Sadly, most people blindly upvoat bots so long as they agree with the post title.

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Or it could be a real account by a real person who posts Breitbart articles and then steals the top comment. Silly and stupid, but hardly one of the great crimes against humanity.

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Is it possible that both comments are made by shills? It's not like Breitbart's comments aren't infested with the things.

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every one of his posts are copied from different breitbart users.

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Good catch.

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She looks like a jew and she married one named Weinstein. I think she is controlled opposition or a closet globalist.

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I remember Fields making the false claims and Shapiro and her both left Breitbart over it. But I don't recall Breitbart itself being never Trump. Just Shapiro and his girlfriend Fields. There's a lot of stay-behinds that are creeping around in all the different medias. Like Fox New Megan Kelly. The enemy is always infiltrating every venue they can to destroy it.

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I'm pretty sure Alexmark is a right wing bot.

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The controlled opposition kikery should not surprise you.

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