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Sure it will! Just like Trump going to declassify the evidence that the Senate subpoenaed a year and a half ago.

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Funny how you're 'woke' to all the government corruption, including the Fed. the CIA and 9/11, but think the entire house can be brought down on a Friday afternoon.

Trump is moving fast. What do you think is behind all the False Flags and the absolute panic in DC and the (((MSM)))??

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Moving fast how? To congratulate the swamp on mistrials and his DOJ dropping federal charges?


He referenced last year’s mistrial in the high-profile bribery case against Menendez, indicating he sympathized with the Democratic senator’s case.

“Congratulations on everything,” he said. “We’re proud of you. Congratulations. Great job. You went through a tough, tough situation. And I don’t think a very fair situation, but congratulations.”


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Wew, whole lotta nothing terms there.

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They also violated a few election laws.

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This is exactly what we need. I doubt anything will come of it but anti trust laws should be used more often before things get “too big to fail”. Might want to look at Comcast too while you’re at it.

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Good idea, look into it AFTER you put Hillary in jail.

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Pull their 230 protections.

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Hi Poe!

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On what grounds?.. I'll believe it when I see it.

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