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Total leftist control of social media is a godsend for the far right.

Every time a shrieking genderfluid tranny-queer Reddit mod smugly shitcans entire communities of middle-of-the-road people for "being shitty people and literally Nazis," they're basically pushing that entire community to the right.

I mean, Jesus Christ, I remember when calling someone a NAZI meant that they were an ex concentration camp guard or an actual neo-Nazi. Now it basically means "anyone who says there are two genders and who says that Africa isn't as advanced as Europe." So, basically anyone who isn't insane.

That meme with the brown-shirted Pepe putting a noose on a SJW while saying "I just wanted to play video games" is no fucking joke... at this point, it's prophecy.


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Gamergate was my redpill. It's all too fucking true. They started the war of feels.