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I mean... THERE ARE PAID shills here that try to get over CCP 100 incrementally, and massive numbers of them.

Who the fuck is going to PAY people to get accounts on voat and run up the CCP?

Dude, you are living in a dream world. You are one of the most insignificant and useless people on the planet, as are the majority of the people on here. NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK.

They just don't dude. Why would they? You don't have money, power, a pussy with a pretty face attached, or any particular talent besides going off about shills once in a while. Who wants to waste money trying to influence losers who count for nothing?

CCPs? Make me laugh. Who in the world gives a flying fuck about CCPs except the autistics on here?

The only people who give a shit about voat users are other autistics and losers in their mother's basements with nothing to do but have flame wars with each other all day long. It's just Battlefield 4 or whatever, without the graphics arsshole.