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AGAIN with your fucking SHITTY BOOK

Now you're not even honest enough to put it up as a link to a fucking book. You hide it with these hyperlinks in text.

Dude, when your book sucks so much that you have to TRICK people to get them to look at it, that's a sign that it COMPLETELY SUCKS.

But I can see that you're a guy who doesn't give up, and that's good. Here's what to do.

Write another fucking book. This one has FAILED. What did you learn from it? Here's what you should have learned.

Nobody wants to read the shit you wrote about.

Find something else that people WANT TO READ ABOUT and write about that instead. Now I don't know what that would be for you, but it is not this shit that you have to hijack people into looking at.

Try again dude. And quit fucking hijacking people to this stupid fucking piece of shit book.