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I write a post brilliantly showing the connection to the very things Hitler warned about in 1925 and how they correlate to events happening right now today. That is all I did. I have no idea what point you are attempting to make with your nonsensical ramblings. Either way, here's a bonus quote for people who wasted their time reading your nonsense.

Notice how the Jews are convincing useful idiots to tear down statues in an attempt to erase the history of our nation? Well, it's not the first time. Hitler, 1925,

"How many are aware of the infinite number of separate memories of the greatness of our national fatherland nation in all the fields of cultural and artistic life, whose total result is to inspire them with just pride at being members of a nation so blessed? How many suspect to how great an extent pride in the fatherland America depends on knowledge of its greatness in all these fields? Do our bourgeois (middle class) circles ever stop to consider to what an absurdly small extent this prerequisite of pride in the fatherland is transmitted to the 'people'?"

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This faggot always posts this shit and "its been debunked" but never gives any evidence. Other than their faggoty website that no one wants to read. Downvoat and move on.

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Thank you.