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Good summary of the situation @undertheshills.

I want to add something about this:

Some voaters over at Pizzagate have actually been killed supposedly.

This may sound like paranoid fantasies for a lot of people when they first read it. But if you think about it, you are dealing with an establishment who kill millions in illegitimate occupations, kill thousands in false flags on their own home field to advance their own agendas. Would they hesitate for a second to off some random hell-bent autists if there's even a remote chance that they would unearth something compromising?

Journalists gets killed more often than you'd think if they start digging in the wrong spots. It usually starts with a stern covert warning, if that doesn't work, they will threaten to target your family. If you don't have one or won't stop stop/don't care, you get killed or "suicided" / put in an asylum and medicated until you are a drooling husk with zero credibility and no release date.

Killing a few people here and there is a regular Tuesday for people who work with this.


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Yep. There are people who get up, have coffee, get in their car, stop by the convenience store for a snack, go to work, and then give the order to kill people--with zero fucks given.

Then they go home to the wife and kids, plan a BBQ for the weekend, get up and do it all again. Just another day at work.


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Some voaters over at Pizzagate have actually been killed supposedly.

You have lost your fucking mind. Call your doctor immediately and tell him your medication is not working and you need to come in right away for a visit before you hurt yourself or somebody else.


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Read again.


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This isn't reddit faggot. Here you jews are the minority and have no power.