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Use a VPN. Keep tabs on the jidf funded app that posts here are frequently referenced and then therefore shilled like you said. The deep state is real. Soros, Bloomberg, Zuckercuck, ect. profit from divisiveness and globalism, while those who love individual freedoms suffer. Polarization is exponentially increasing in this digital age. The tipping point is not far off. Pay attention. Stay frosty.

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They do it out in the open: they're so brazen about it, and totally transparent (for the most part). If I wanted to, right now, I could download said good-goy app and start shilling for Jews. They use trophy systems, and gamify the whole process with points, badges and "missions". But somehow, we're the "ignorant" and "paranoid" ones, even though it's verifiable and everywhere (← those are all different links, btw).

You guys need to wake up: this shit is real.

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The deep state is real. Soros, Bloomberg, Zuckercuck, ect. profit from divisiveness and globalism, while those who love individual freedoms suffer...

Dude. Stop it.

Even uber-White Supremacists like Ann Coulter shows that she understands how Whites like you, are so full of nonsense when you talk this way.

You need to pull your head out of your, queef, and go realize that we certainly do owe Negros ---big time, too! Our White-racist society has to stop ignoring how we owe negros, sovereignly. and that is a debt which cannot ever be repaid. We'd go broke, if the USA GOVT/We The People ever tried to calculate what we owe negros, monetarily.

Every new group wants our head on a platter yes they want us White greedy powerful males, to suffer, yes that treacherous tree includes our Ashkenazim Bros, pro-Choice citizens, LGBTQ, White HISP, White liberal women, & White Asians. But not negros. Go anyplace in America where we don't subjugate them, then just embellish how loyal they are. Look at President Trump. He only uplifts White European DNA and dark-skinned negros DNA. Whereas Obama only had lightskinned/half-White negroids around him and all other bi-racial looking groups.

Therefore you need to wake the fuk up, pal. Realize that we need to just be happy that they still desire to be our servants, even in 2018, so therefore we should treat them with gratitude and respect. Especially the darkskinned negros. They've been our biggest allies since 'The Mayflower' docked upon Plymouth Rock!!

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Shut the fuck up. I dont owe a single nigger shit. If youre so virtuous go drain your bank account and throw it at some niggers and then tell me how youre such good goy.

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We already paid trillions in reparations called welfare.

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Found the kike...

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a clearly illustrated example of said shills mentioned in the OP