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Twitter is worthless. It has always been worthless, it has a massive reach but failed every single time to turn that into profit. Dorsey's only last hope was to sell access to humans but he and his cronies have successfully banned practically every group of humans and all thats left are bots and echo chamber enforcement bots for SJW''s. Hes fucked, proper proper fucked and he knows its thats why he wasn't keen on banning Alex Jones until he had crossed a chalk line around the man who was leading the call to ban him.

You do make a fair point, there could be a bit of manipulation going on. Most of its really not though, most of its a byproduct of a generation of activists latching onto >insert politics here< and running with it as if that is what normal people believe. Normies don't buy into the shit, your average ghetto scum gang banger doesn't buy into this, no one buys into it except a very specific demographic who don't have money anyway (student debt) don't have an income (lib arts degree). Most consumers just don't give a fuck and walk away from the things they do not know.