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This sums it up quite adequately I think. From what I've seen so far, I think they'll be solid goats if they decide to stay.

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Much better than those "pede" faggots.

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Those fuckers we're painfully stupid.

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You're not wrong

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Imgur link though. They’re still learning.

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LOL, there's always a learning curve.

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meh... Anyone who has stayed this long deserves what they get.

They've been systematically looking down the site for years.

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I agree completely, but I can also understand why folks have stayed. They're trying to "fight the good fight" and there is a significantly larger user base to potentially influence and will inevitably lead to a larger supply of more diverse viewpoints, even though those viewpoints are mostly from a bunch of cucks and faggots.

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Notice the Phrygian caps, and their association with freedom, the iconography of the US, and the ancient diety of the Roman legion, Mithras the slayer of bulls.