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I'll be a fag.

For those joining the party, be patient and open-minded. Understand there is some cool shit here, but understand you won't agree with all of it.

More importantly, understand the internet is becoming more fragmented, censored, commercialized, and compartmentalized. Use this knowledge to diversify your bonds, niggers. That is, you don't need to count on any one site as an authority, and go ahead and fucking think freely.

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Wu Tang Financial.

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HPOP's butt plug.

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He's probably making out with a butt somewhere in this crazy world

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Highly Paid Orgy Pro was a faggot fucking jew shill who got paid to spam shit all over voat with barrages of meaningless, pointless, stupid fucking posts. His whole purpose was to try and make voat look stupid with endless repetitive buttplug jokes.

His agenda failed and his fundings dried up then he withered away into oblivion. Good riddance.

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Why shed a tear for immortality

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If they've been on Eddit this long, I fear there is no hope. They've gone full faggot.

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just tell them they're niggerfaggotkikes that deserve to burn in the eternal oven god made for them. Similar sentiments have had me banned from a subverse a while back.

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I've been on reddit pretty much since its inception, and my wake-up call was when I was automatically banned from a women's advice sub in which I was a regular Dear Abby for having commented on a post in /r/tumblrinaction (a marvelous - for reddit - sub made for mocking tumblr and SJW garbage). I only discovered voat a couple years ago, but I immediately made the switch almost entirely for all those types of general lurking/browsing needs.

That doesn't mean you have to like everyone here. There are many who seem to come across as either edgy fourteen year olds LARPing that they are hardcore revolutionary commandos or that they really are unable to comprehend that while there certainly are moral and ideological absolutes, it's okay that not every thing and not every person are entirely black and white. There are people here who are upvoted and praised for their philosophy that an honorable, reasonable, productive, and neighborly person who committed the cardinal sin of being born not-white is irredeemably subhuman, while all white men = god until proven leftist. There are people here who talk openly about how every person with the same gender as me or my daughters is not even a person, is retarded/evil/worthless, and is good for nothing but being raped. There are people here who freely mock my family and our beliefs in the exact same ways as the most godless subs on reddit, but with the exception of also adding that being Christians makes us bad white people. ...And with all that, I still like this better than reddit. That should say something.

I still frequent reddit, posting general red-pill material and getting banned, discussing things in some of the decent political/social subs still remaining, and participating in a few niche interest communities that are hard to find as developed elsewhere. At some point when I have a little more time, I'd like to take a more active role in helping some of those niche subs grow here.

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Freedom of speech allows people who disagree to communicate and debate. Removal of free speech creates a hive mind since anyone who doesn't conform to the group think is removed. As an atheist, I'd rather go to a forum where a bunch of Christians and Muslims spend all day trying to convert me and I can tell them to fuck off than a forum of atheists were you aren't allowed to question atheism.

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I find redditors are usually like Californian's. They leave the shit hole created by them pushing their fag values, then leave bc it's now a shit hole, move to a neighboring area where it's not a shit hole bc they didn't have faggotry, then continue to push the same bullshit that they did in CA that turned it into a shit hole.

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I agree. This place was better 3.5 years ago before the reddit purges started.

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hello goat niggers you might think we are quintessential redditors but we hated Reddit and we got banned for a reason also how do I night mode ?

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Lightbulb in the top right in the menu next to your username switches nightmode on and off.

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thanks fren

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Everytime a subreddit gets banned voat gets another opportunity to recruit new blood but nobody does anything to recruit them and 99% of the banned people never even find out voat exists so the community disperses rather than moves.

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This is a really big deal. I had no idea voat even existed until I discovered it from an accidental link on a random late-nite wiki-walk covering completely unrelated content. I have no idea how most other people find out about voat, but I do know that for the minority on reddit who do actually know this place exists, most just know what they've heard someone else repeat, that it's just some dinky hate-site for Neo-Nazis.

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Who did they ban this time?

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The name does not help me understand the sub's purpose. Am I an oldfag?

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Damn I enjoyed that one. Was waiting on that Shoah though.

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