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The whole "Islam is a religion of peace" is a huge crock of shit. Mohammed was a war lord who rose to power by attacking and subjugating other desert tribes. When he became rich and powerful enough, he commissioned scholars to put together the Koran -- he didn't write the Koran because the fucker wasn't a scholar, he was a killer. Built into the Koran (which is cobbled together from existing religious texts) is the clear, explicit message that all other peoples in the world must be brought to Islam at the point of a sword, under threat of torture and death. Mohammed himself ordered the executions of thousands of men, women and children, and probably killed dozens by his own hand. He was blood-stained up to his neck. Compare him with Jesus, or the Buddha. Compare the intolerant, warlike message of Islam with the messages of peace in Christian and Buddhist holy texts. Islam is not peace, and never was peace. It was never even intended to be peace. Islam is death.