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Little known fact. The Nike shoe brand name comes from the combinations of words Nigger and Kike.

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You mean Kigger? I have a pair of those, they're made of the same material as my lampshades and I wash them with a special soap so that they get jewy white.

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Try Voat’s favorite Kool Aid to get the Jewy white semitism out of your shoes. It’s called NAZI. It’s unique Concentration of chemicals Work Hard to form a Final Solution that will rid your shoes of Jewy Whiteness. Now NAZI comes with extra Zyklon to remove that Semistism that clings to shoes so desperately, like a Parasite or fresh feces would.

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Wait the gun people left? I didn't even notice. I mean I have guns amd really enjoyed all those good gun posts. They're gone back to reddit? Fucking why? Pussies.

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They went back to reddit to suck their wives boyfriends off like the cucks they are.

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And a happy Kike Faggot Nigger to you as well:)

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u forgot faggot u faggot