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What shitlibs don't realize, is that people don't react with savage fury to assertions that are obviously not true, or even to things that are debateable. If there were plenty of countervailing examples showing proportional black intellectual achievement even partially approaching White or Asian levels, then maligning the afrobrain could be something to laugh off or ignore.

Outraged reactions from shitlibs always mean you've hit a nerve and stated an inadmissable truth.

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If blacks were as smart as whites they'd just show us the graph.

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Where the fuck is their evidence?

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Oy vey

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Outraged reactions from shitlibs always mean you've hit a nerve and stated an inadmissable truth.

That could be said about anyone below a certain IQ (kek). Way too many people's initial reaction to having their bullshit pointed out is anger and ad hominems; no matter how tactfully you do it. People need to realize that an important part of the learning process (and therefore, inherent to personal growth): is learning to accept one's wrongness. Like those old, cliche martial arts movies say: "How can you fill a cup which is already full?"

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The only reason this is a problem is because their non black defenders are afraid of having their own level of intelligence examined.

When you're looking at the average IQ of a group, what happens if you identify and cut loose the lower ones?

Thomas Sowell and Joshua Black would rate higher than the average white SJW.

They would have to quit trying to pound square pegs into round holes, and all the less scholastic individuals would be discouraged from seeking college seats meant for more deserving individuals.

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He was about right. Preliminary studies have pointed to genetic markers for intelligence this year. More analysis is required but we might be there pretty soon with certainty. I'm sure whatever study that comes as a result showing niggers are just plain stupid will be adamantly scrubbed from the internet.

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He claimed genes responsible for creating differences in human intelligence could be found within a decade.

So that's been suppressed.

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Sometimes I wonder how many vast amounts of studies, on a myriad of subjects, have been scrubbed, suppressed or otherwise memory-holed; and their authors unpersoned. I'm on the fence about the whole "free energy" thing, for example. A lot of it sounds like B.S. and disinfo. Like, 90% of it. However, it certainly raises an eye-brow when you look at the list of how many proponents of said technology end up "killing themselves in a sad, spontaneous and unexpected bout of depression" or "dying unfortunate accidental deaths".

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To be fair a lot of these scientists are nerds, likely on the autism spectrum, and probably have trouble getting laid. A higher suicide rate should be expected here. That being said there are a lot of suspicious ones.

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Free energy is out there. add electrons... van de graff,bada bing free energy,just cant tell anyone how,need new ways to communicate

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https://archive.fo/lq9tY :

Fury at DNA pioneer's theory: Africans are less intelligent than Westerners | The Independent

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This is one of the most important drivers of racism in whites. We afford them every opportunity, yet they are too dumb to compete mentally, whites in turn get blamed for oppression, AND NOBODY is allowed to talk about why blacks keep failing. Rinse , wash, repeat cycle....over and over and over again..frustrating

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reminds me of the video where a panel of black girls decided science was racist and that the school should consider a course in magic

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Remember how they marched for science? Just not this science or any science they deem contradictory to their dogma.

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Reality has a liberal bias!!!!