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I have no doubt there are fag gangs in prison. Whether they are intimidating or can stand up to Aryans, Crips, Bloods or guards is another issue altogether

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He's probably making up everything anyways, his credibility is nothing unless you're so deranged, who in the right mind would listen to a pedophile?

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He's most likely being protected since they know he would be killed in no time. I doubt he has any friends at all.

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Lol self-righteous child rapists forming up gangs and literally believing they are the good guys. Fucking terrifying.

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I always heard child rapists got fucked up in prison, are there more on the rise? The fuck...

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He is probably LARPing, child rapists are the absolute bottom dwellers of the prison hierarchy. Even the absolute lowest scum of society will treat these degenerates with contempt.

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3 counts of child sexual abuse ...anyone got any zyklon b

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that happened

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RIP Rainbow Brite warriors!

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A gay pedophile Jew. No way.