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I don't usually recommend suicide....but in your case I think It would be OK. Sorry to see you go.

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Fair point. You think just get it done with a bullet or knife across the wrist or knife straight down the lane?

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Just wear a Trump shirt in Chicago, that'll probably work.

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Just call up the doj and say you have evidence that will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton.

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The reverse can also happen. I once read a section of a report and I thought it sounded really complicated, when my group mate told me it was my section I felt a bit stupid.

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Eeeeeh. Take a hit. Now see, this is your section of the report ... what?! LOL

This isn't the reverse. This is pretty much exactly what happened to me, but I went a little farther. I almost decided to critique myself.

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Just Voat Things...

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As long as no one calls you a niggerfag you will be alright.

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I am a niggerfaggotkike. :)

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I didn't actually post at myself. I was on the verge of doing so, then I saw the poster, then I was unhappy with my life.

Anyway, was looking up Adele on youtube. See her highest ranking some, decide to listen, yup, right off the bat there is a nigger. So, back to basics: Skynyrd

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And this isn't a reddit clever trick. Downgoat me to hell for all I care. I am changing accounts soon.

But before I leave this account, is something a little weird that I want to break into a park bathroom. I am getting my shim. I will get into the boys and girls bathroom. This place looks so cool to me. I want to enter it.

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I would advise against that.