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Wow. Answers a lot.

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This is his mother. She's a Vanderbilt. You can't tell me that evil cunt hasn't drank her bodyweight in baby blood.

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Yeah photos of his mother are terrifying. She's always got symbols all over her. Why would an elite wealth Vanderbilt have that art, and why would her son be an anchor on cnn when he grew up? (Cult rules the world, controls information, builds loyalty through blackmail, heinous rituals, everything on the news is a manipulation of reality to benefit the ruling class and control their subjects)

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This is legitimately bizarre. Anyone know what those symbols and icons mean?

It's not a handheld photo either. A tripod was definitely used. Something always seemed 'off' about the guy. This explains a lot.

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His brother fell from his apartment to his death at age 23.