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They don't delete it, they cut off access to it. They keep your communications in hopes of using it against you. I left them alone a long time ago. They are not your friends. Your privacy is your most valueable possion, and they are a scientifically designed tool to extract and collect everything about you and create a profile of you, your family , everything. They are assets of the intelligence sector of the federal government and the UN. There are databases on everything from DNA to your browsing habits. You have no idea what they might do with this information. Run...away.

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I've been thinking about posting disinformation on social media so a lot of garbage info is included into the dossier they have on me.

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FB is losing popularity. Start shaming your friends and family for using it. Forbid your kids info / pictures from being posted. Go scorched earth on them.


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Bravo. (At least wait a minute or two before screencapping if you want to pretend it's not your comment though.)

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Rights only exist to the degree that the means don't exist to efficiently remove them. The means now exist to remove or censor all or most speech as a part of our rights in everyday life.