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My biggest problem with it is when they use footage from movies in it, primarily Valkyrie from 2008. Seeing Tom Cruise's face ruined that part of the series for me.

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marching to Zion is also worth watching

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Yes. That was a crazy eye opener on the JQ.

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Did you see September Clues?

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Or research the Rothschild involvement in WW2, the Havaara agreement, Lehi, a Zionist military group who cooperated with the likes of Hitler and Mussolini, the Balfour Declaration of 1917, etc. Rothschilds propped up Israel alongside English royalty to use as a scapegoat and to threaten the rest of the region in order to establish all types of influence. The reason they chose the jews is because they're great at subversion (they say Jews subvert, Muslims war and Christians pacify). Look in to the term Chutzpah and you'll see why the jews were chosen.

When people try to throw you off by doing the "praise hitler" thing, they're purposefully steering you in the wrong direction so as to circumvent your knowing the truth - that certain families control virtually everything you understand about your environment and do their absolute best to control the way you interact with it. Knowing the particular things I've relayed will help unveil a facet of the truth which has to deal with the Rothschilds - and that's just one family.

Want a little more? I'll give you the big one we've recently had confirmed for us: Payseur. Start with French royalty after the French revolution. They then move to the america, the Carolinas to be specific.

Don't let the faggots here steer you in the wrong direction. Hitler was undoubtedly propped up (see Merkel). Learn history.

Keep pushing me to make drops like this that help the normies put things together - I dare you.

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I double dog dare you

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this one's sat with this a bit more than i have, can't refrain from admitting that

nonetheless, soak it up while it's juicy

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Another thing, I find it ironic that many people here who are white nationalist who want whites to unite and who are also anti-socialist/communist praise Hitler as a hero and the ideal figure to follow but forget the fact that Hitler himself was an admitted socialist. The swastika is not a homage to the aryan pagan symbol but in the context of Hitler and National Socialism, it stands for the letter S which stands for SOCIALISM. This is why you can find the early jewish bolsheviks also using the swastika as one of their symbols, also Hitler was obsessed with the colour red which also stands for socialism. This is why when he became the undisputed leader of the German Workers' Party, he changed the name to National SOCIALIST German Workers' Party and changed the logo to a swastika covered by the colour red.

And Hitler ran his country like a socialist, National Socialism was collectivism based on race and heritage with the state having the all mighty authority over all because it represented the whole of people and every individual needed to work for the benefit of the ''people'' I.E the state.

And what about the anti-slavic sentiments Hitler had? Considered them way lesser than the Germans and we saw that clearly the way he treated them during the war, the harsch treatment of the Ukrainians, the attempted ''Germanisation'' of Poland, trying to kill of Polish culture. This is how Hitler treated his fellow non-German whites at the East while at the same time he called the Japanese ''Honorable Aryans'', the same ''Honrable Aryans'' that did not lift a finger to help Germany fight the Soviets when they were right next to the Soviet Union.

Also one question to any Hitler admirers out there: What was Hitler doing in Munich during the rule of the communist? The very haven of communists in Germany at that time?

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The link you left leaves out towards the end of the war Hitler was very over medicated and his mental prowess was slipping due to a number of medical issues. Him Wanting Germany to lose is fucking ABSURD.

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Interesting. Where are you finding this?

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Agreed, it's really good.

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It's a life changing experience for anyone willing to sit there and read a 6.5 hour long documentary.

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Is it really that long?

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I'm trying to recall. I haven't watched it in a couple of years. If I had to guess I'd say it's somewhere in that range though. It's exceptional either way.

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I would love to have a panel of 3 world class historians watch this and try to pick out the most controversial parts and or point out legit aspects.. it all seems reasonable but i feel there would be some serious debate going on..

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Do you really think "3 world class historians" would have become world class historians if they didnt belong to the cabal?

Thats like asking "3 world class biologists" to discuss nigger IQ.

You absolutely cant get a honest opinion on a topic if the somebodys career depends on lying.

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And yet many world class biologists, including the one who discovered DNA's structure, do discuss nigger intelligence.

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The nobel prize dude said niggers were inferior and everyone went after him.

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Good point

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historians aren't allowed to have that debate if any historian acknowledged any of this and didn't immediately decry it as evil they would be at the very least ousted from their profession and civil society

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Any (((acedemic))) is suspect. Don't trust them. History is written by the victors.

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Fuck i still need to watch that

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Take the time and watch it in chunks. Each episode is about 15-20 minutes with about 26 episodes. If you try to watch it all at once it is an all day thing, it is easier to digest if you watch an episode or two a day.

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Good to know. Thanks M8

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It goes to show that much of the history that we're told is lies, especially by omission. I encourage everyone here to keep wondering what omissions, half truths and outright lies are also told in TGSNT. One that I noticed was that they never mentioned two of Hitler's greatest strategic mistakes.

One was to reduce the pressure on the British Air Force during the Battle of Britain by switching to bombing civilian targets in England. The British Air Force was on the verge of collapse before they were given a chance to recover. Another was to send troops to a strategically worthless city in southern Russia called Stalingrad instead of focusing all resources on taking the oil fields. The urban combat in Stalingrad had the devastating effect of nullifying Germany's advantage in tanks and planes. Taking the oil fields would have also given Germany the fuel it needed to win the war.

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