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Wait what?!?

I don't follow sportsball, and I don't give a squirt of piss about Kaepernick. If you call him an insane liberal idiot I would agree 100%. But I do care about truth, and I'm against propaganda.

I took 2 minutes to search what this cartoon is referencing and apparently it was created by someone, who like many on Voat decided to look at the headline of one piece of propaganda and run with it. There is page after page after page of denials of him converting to Islam. There are quote of him saying that it was a rumor. He was raised Christian (baptized Methodist, confirmed Lutheran, and attended a Baptist church during his college years.)

I have no problems calling him out based on his words and his actions, but coming up with false claims to spurn him for something false because it promotes your narrative is absurd. The guy has given plenty of ammo to attack him on, no need to make shit up. It only makes people look less credible in the future.

Wake up, stop building beliefs on an article's headline and start reading and thinking for yourselves.

People started cutting cords and turning off the MSM when they started waking up and realizing it was all an illusion... Don't fall back into the brainwashed lull just because the medium has changed.

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Well said.

I just wish there were a way to fix it

*way not war lol. Although .. that may be the right answer too

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Maybe if they didn't shoot cops, but instead listen to them, they wouldn't get into these situations.

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not one word about Chicago from these brain damaged clowns.

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No. He's on his knees because that's his favourite position to suck cock.

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That's because the muslims who own the slaves are wahabists arabs who are allied with the Jews

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Mohammed referred to Blacks as "raisin heads".

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For kicks to see how tough it really is in America this shit Marxist should try even a minor protest of Che Guevara in front of a Cuban cop.

His ass would be sent to prison in 30 seconds and after two months of accidental black eyes sent back home banned from Cuba forever.

This Leftist knucklehead is a genius and Nike is his toilet paper.

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