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Speak for yourself, I'm a white Aussie, and it only took 2 months of "trying" for a baby before wife was pregnant.

Just don't be fat, eat red meat, lift heavy shit. Done.

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I never had to "try." It just happened. Once even with a woman with an IUD.

Of course that was back before they started feeding everybody GMOs when the water supply wasn't contaminated with female hormones from birth control pills.

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I think we all know the solution to their problems then: stop injesting estrogen and other crazy chemicals that chemically castrate you.

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Well done. My wife was pregnant the first time before we were home from the honeymoon.

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I'm pretty sure fat decreases sperm count. How many of these guys are overweight?

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avoid xenoestrogens, refined carbohydrates and obesity

Exercise, sleep and eat well

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Can do

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That toddler looks like an arrogant piece of shit

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Most toddlers are arrogant little shits. Also not the brats fault.

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I wonder how many of these dudes are on some sort of SSRI. That wouldn't be included in the study because Big Pharma.

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‘"Rising obesity and diabetes are major factors in increasing rates of male infertility. This is because they damage overall fitness".

Hey Beetus Bois: Break out the Super Male Vitality and hit the gym for the future of the race.

So you can finally put a bun in your woman's oven, and then keep her barefoot and pregnant for the salvation of Western Civilization

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True man. I was originally planning on 2 but after seeing what the Jews are doing to wipe us out, upped that to 4 minimum. Wish I had started earlier with a younger woman so I could push that to 7.

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Similar here. I'm female. Due to society and a bad upbringing my entire childhood/teen years/early adulthood I thought I would be alone and just make lots of money in a STEM field on my own.

Past few years I've been red pilled to realize I want to finish a family unit with 4 children by 30. Then depending on my husband, perhaps a few more. The guy I'm seeing at the moment isn't as red pilled as me. So I'll have to see how that goes. 4 minimum is what I've decided on too though. So I'll at least convince him of that.

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Theyre freemartins

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A freemartin or free-martin is an infertile female mammal with masculinized behavior and non-functioning ovaries. Genetically the animal is chimeric: Karyotyping of a sample of cells shows XX/XY chromosomes.

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Pathetic. I'm 42, just impregnated my 29 year old wife back in March. Took basically three days before the whole process was started.

I work at an office, plus have a second job on the side. My exercise level is relatively low, my interest in sex isn't even all that high right now. I'm hardly a three time Ironman Champion with testosterone coming out of my pores at every moment.

Don't drink, don't smoke, get some exercise, avoid estrogen-mimicking or inducing chemicals, avoid video games and long periods of time sitting. That's it.

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hops beer is the worst

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https://archive.fo/ALHGO :

The male infertility injustice:Why does the IVF industry still focus almost wholly on women? | Daily Mail Online

'Yet when it comes to male fertility, a low-tech approach may actually be much more useful and vastly less stressful for couples. '

'Male fertility in the West is in rapid decline. '

'There is increasing interest in boosting sperm quality in subfertile men by giving them antioxidant dietary supplements. '

'Here are some other simple steps men can take to help protect their fertility by looking after their sperm health. '

'Last year the World Health Organisation warned that understanding of male infertility was ‘very low’ and the Medical Research Council (MRC) in the UK issued a call for research proposals. '

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