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[–] CIAniggers 8 points -5 points (+3|-8) ago  (edited ago)

“Everything you see is to distract you from the facts that:”

Bullshit detected.

“ All brown countries are shit, “

So are white countries now because of....white people.

“muslims and jews want you dead, “

Christians too.

“and democrats commit almost ALL of the crime in America.”

Most of the corrupt politicians in my state getting elected for office are republicans who are corrupt as anything. We have had republicuck governers almost miss getting sworn in because they had to be in court.

Republicans are MORE corrupt than the liberals. The liberals just don’t cover it up. The republicans all act like organized criminals and cover each others asses.

You missy are a cuck. A republicuck. The worst kind of cuck. In denial.

[–] CatsControlTheEU 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

I cant recall the last time a Christian blew up a building or cut off some heads. Or are you going to list "muh Crusades" and maybe 2 or 3 Incidents that happened in a decade compared to the dozen or so that happen daily perpetuated by Islam.

Any objective look at Christiantiy and Islam in modern times will find that the latter is 1000% more dangerous.