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If having border control makes me a Nazi THEN FUCKING SEIG HEIL!!!!!


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I’m right there with you, borther.


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Amen brother


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I'm with you borther


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It makes you a Nazi, but all of the people in black and brown shitholes and yellow gook countries can have border controls without being Nazis.


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mexico has a fukn wall!


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But don't you want to live in a lovely multicultural community? Look how nice Detroit and Chicago turned out. Just imagine an entire country like that. Paradise!


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Here's what i think freaks (((them))) out, and by them I don't just mean Jews, there are elite Saudis, British, Qatar, NewYork bankers, Commies, French all involved in these global games....there is an order of establishment and the illusion of 'control' kind of normal terror murder when blacks or muslims are killing muslims its kind of normal, expected...especially if its over there say the 'middle east' or africa...or Chicongo, Detriotistan....out most of these crimes its like its supposed to happen. The media also adds to these wars and causes a lot of race hysteria, blame white-ey drama, tension etc The media is in bed with the guys shooting the guns and building the bombs and bullets. What changed is the violence in the SHITHOLES started to spread and move into the posh areas, Rodney King the media whips up hysteria and 1992 Los Angeles riots a whole city burns for days almost destroyed by Mexi-Niggers looting, killing, burning until rooftop Koreans stepped in. 1993 World Trade Center bombing, ragheads who are normally supposed to be blowing up shit and chopping each other's heads off come to NYC and bomb NewYork, once again the FBI drops the ball on this one. What really fucking scares them is guys like say an unpredictable White psycho Timothy McVeigh or psycho Paddock flipping out and going lone wolf, They know that Whites through history have been effective at killing, that's where huge numbers die. Reading the back story on these Vegas Oklahoma events I doubt these guys acted alone, I think like all big events there might have been a lot more involved and once again people are covering their asses. Most jihad, murders, crime, terrorism the governments don't want to stop it, they want to manage it at levels like the refujihadi invasion of Europe or islamist rapefugees they want it at manageable levels. It kinda reminds me of the scene in the Batman movie with the Joker, You know what I've noticed? Nobody panics when things go "according to plan"... even if the plan is horrifying. If, tomorrow, like, a Black African gang-banger will get shot, or a truckload of Marine Soldiers blown up, nobody panics, because "it's all part of the plan". But I say that one little old mayor will die... and everybody loses their minds! Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos.....interesting movie..... 911 is a strange one I kinda looked down the rabbit hole, I believe some of what the government said but there is a lot going on, why for example were the 28 pages censored? http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/congress/article24751963.html The Bush administration classified the 28 pages http://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-skeptics/the-28-pages-whats-taking-so-long-16095


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no motive in Vegas? My fucking ass!


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You can sum up the major taboo truths, the truths the leftists don't want you talking about, in a few lines:

  • women are weaker than men
  • women are not as intelligent as men
  • woman are not as capable as men of assuming authority positions
  • blacks are significantly less intelligent than whites
  • blacks commit a massively greater amount of violent crime than whites
  • the negro race has never achieved civilization anywhere in the world or at any time in history
  • blacks, as a whole, are incapable of functioning in white Western society
  • Jews control the media and use it to brainwash Christians
  • Jews hate Christians and historically have always hated Christians
  • Jews have been persecuted in Christian nations because they are lying, criminal, malicious parasites
  • the Nazis persecuted Jews because Jews were enemies of the German state
  • the Holocaust is a Jewish myth
  • the unrest in the Middle East is wholly the fault of Israel
  • Israel is a terrorist nation, founded by Jewish terrorists illegitimately, and has no right to exist
  • Jews are conducting a generation-spanning campaign of white genocide
  • Jews are responsible for the horrors of communism
  • white Christians created everything the modern world refers to as "civilization"
  • the nations of Europe are white Christian nations
  • America is a white Christian nation
  • modern feminism is a disease that is destroying Western society
  • Jews created modern feminism
  • leftist Jews control the universities
  • affirmative action is unjust and is hurting society as a whole
  • Islam is a religion of homicidal fanatics
  • almost all terrorists are Muslims
  • homosexuality is a perversion that it destructive to Western society
  • there are two sexes only, male and female
  • Jews have used pornography as a weapon against white Christians
  • there is no man-made global warming
  • carbon dioxide is a gas essential to life that does enormous good and no harm at all
  • more CO2 in the air is better
  • there is no such thing as peak oil
  • there is no energy shortage
  • there is no shortage of raw materials
  • the populations of white Christian nations are too low, not too high
  • abortion is murder
  • a revival of Christianity is the only thing that can save Western civilization

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Your shitpost was still a quality turd.


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see the male to female iQ bell curve.

There are more male with Higher IQ than the average female. There are also more males with lower IQ than the average female.

the Holocaust is a Jewish myth

Yh sure but how can i prove this to others

I asked this before. Where is the proof. Where can I go to see a collection of proven Holocaust lies.

The only answer was to go on this site. Voat is a mess. I cant just say hey grams go on voat for more info about the Holocaust.

Is there no one place I can go to see a collection of information that proves the Holocaust was a lie.

saying the Holocaust was faked is like saying that weapons of mass destruction aren't real. Sure its plausible but where is hard the evidence.

Some people need more than a few old news papers stating different death tolls.


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The burden of proof is with them, this is basic logic.

One cannot prove a negative, that something didn't happen. lol

They can not prove that it ever existed, that's why they keep putting people in jail over it.


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Be afraid!

How can you tell someone is the enemy of humanity? They try to convince you to be afraid.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

There are two groups that matter; individuals who respect the rights of individuals, and those who violate them. Any claim that there are other groups worth focus are made either by our slave masters, or their house slaves doing their bidding. Whether you are purposefully betraying your fellow man, or just a fool, check yoself before you wreck everything.

We are, for the time being, out of frontiers. Quite literally, humanity won't last much longer unless we finally overcome the divide and conquer tactics, and the tolerance for enslavement.

Don't be a collectivist, house slave, tool, for your masters, betraying yourself, your family, friends, community, nation, species, & planet.

Grow the fuck up already.


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and by that you mean the globalist fascists on the left.


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Don't call them fascists. It's subconsciously ingrained to associate fascism with negative authoritarianism, but historically the behavior they display is 100% communist thought control.


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There is no irrelevant group full of good, or bad, people. Every irrelevant group is represented in the two groups that matter.

Therefore, focus on the relevant groups of individuals, and their crimes, character, or lack thereof.


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Individualists with common ideals can be found at /v/EmergencyNation


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I'm a white nationalist. Does that make me a collectivist?


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Individualism is the other side of the Marxist coin promoted by the jew Ayn Rand, AKA (Alicia Rosenbaum).

All the roads of Marxism, destruction of the family unit, community, religion, lead to individualism. It's the very definition of "divide and conquer". America was never about individualism anyway, it wasn't individuals who stood up to the British but a collective.

Individualism is all well and good in theory but your European society ends up dead.

Fear is good, fear saves your ass. Be afraid and you just might live to tell the tale.

We have no more use for your false gospel and equivocations re: individualism, commie scum.


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colombia is a nice country, it has a 50% poplation that is made up of white, and most of them are hardcore right wingers, the right wing paramilitary militia in colombia have killed thousand of marxist/leftist in colombia.

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Oh, yeah ... it's "snow" white.


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Don't speak in absolutes it really makes people tune out. Instead use facts and cite sources

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Everything you see is to distract you from revolting against the fed and continuing the pay the income tax


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Ending fiat money and restoring the power to coin money to Congress as stated in the Constitution is paramount for personal liberty


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Trump tweets about censorship then shortly after the Alex Jones stunt happens. "We at infowars are the censored people. No need to look anywhere else." No thanks mr. Zionist tranny lover, I like it here at Voat.


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That is to distract you from the jews that are behind it all.

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