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If you're going to post something this old you should at least spend the extra two minutes to find out happened. He was reinstated.


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Ingle was supposed to receive a ruling from the Academic Integrity Board Monday on whether he would still be barred from Downie’s upper level “Christianity 481: Self, Sin, and Salvation” class, but Driscoll said he paused the formal process indefinitely without any consideration from AIB’s ruling.

In other words, it was probably going to go bad for the professor and the libtard was going to receive a scorching rebuke ... so the Pres stepped in to save the retard's bacon.

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A scorching rebuke? You mean accolades.

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It’s nice when postings like this have a happy ending as the top comment. Thanks!

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When feminist educators abuse their students, it's rarely reported.

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You're welcome, I saw the date and was curious. Nobody likes a cliffhanger!

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In the picture the text on the form says "required to listen to trans speaker discuss the reality of white[?] privilege and sexism".

Few years ago I would have thought this is some kind of a joke and laughed.

It is scary to think that this is real.

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So does a white trans person lose their white privilege somehow, or does the speaker have to be a minority trans person, they didn't specify. And how does that work for the sexism part, does a male to female trans person lose their male privelege, or does a female to male trans person gain male privilege? What about a person that's born male but identifies as gender fluid, are they still inherently sexist? Say i present as male, have a vagina, only one breast, identify as hermaphrodite, and am white/black mixed race, can i be the speaker?

Man, maybe gender studies is a proper field of study now, you'd need to study all of this for years to figure all that out. I get it, thats the whole point of all this trans shit, a way to make gender studies legitimate!

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That is messed up that Christianity class has been turned into a postmodern gender studies indoctrination class.

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Bunch of Christniggers.

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In March, 6 months ago.

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If we agree that gender is a social construct, we must also admit that it is a cultural thing. Which means that number of genders may be different for each culture.

Which also means that we are amidst a culture war, which we actually are, where a new culture is trying to push aside ans replace the traditional European culture.

I, for one, as a representative of the traditional European culture, insist that in my culture there are only two genders. If others wish to have more - let them have it, but I do not see how they might have any rights to force their views on me.

Sure, you may force me to tolerate a policy which claims that there are more than two genders, but to me that will always remain an alien concept forcefully introduced, and, by extension, anyone who does that will be regarded by me as an enemy of and threat to me and my culture.

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Holy fuck... This is why online degrees are awesome...

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This is something I have been back and forth on in my head. Originally I saw how many of them were just pay and collect type things but now thinking about going back to school to have some more paper to show to HR people they are tempting as I don't think I could do the classroom thing with the current gen of students. The problem becomes how do you tell the good ones where the degree would be worth something or you may learn something in class from the crap?

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Treat college like a job, write down what they tell you, repeat it back to them, think about all the idiots around you. Give them what they want and take what you want. You don't have to stay silent, but do try to stay near the Overton window and do pick your battles.

I have gotten more than one job based on the fact that I have a degree, the paper is worth getting. Though I got mine ~10 years ago. Then the issue was Bush and the wars, not gender and race.

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The current generation of students only suck in the freshmen and sophomore years. Low division classes with children are awful. But by the time the classes get challenging the kids have grown up enough to stay quiet or they dropped out.

But if you’re going back to school you probably won’t be in any of those low level GEs or anything so I wouldn’t worry about it.

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I was kicked out and yelled out by a crazy professor for saying 911 could not have been done by sand people.

I am of course a white racist so my opinion no longer matters.

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You are also an idiot since sand people did it.

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Sand people... with top secret clearances, video cameras, media collusion, the cover of a live exercise drill, and quite a bizzare demolition of two of the largest buildings on Earth (oh and don't forget the third building.)

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With good lawyers now, these student may be able to skip the working portion of their life cycle.

Sue the fuck out of this school.

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