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Do you have permission to post actual pictures of @Joe_McCarthy like this?


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Women only suck when you hold them to the same standards as men.

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You're stupid.

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Good job bitch, here's a gold star

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I have noticed this very clearly. I still don't know if they are shills or genuine idiots, but they spend a lot of time in blaming every organization, without ever naming the jews who control these organizations.

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knights Templar

it's the Catholics


Guess which group is full of CryptoJews? hint: It's all of them!

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You forgot Freemasons.

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Are the FreeMason's even trying to hide their Judaism?

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It's not a bad thing when a Jew is fat... just more Jew to Jew you.

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I am not saying jews should be trusted but I prefer the treat everyone as a individuals and judge them as such rhetoric.

Maybe notalljewsarebad is completely false and there are none redeemable. I am a skeptic though and do see jews exposing plots. Maybe to me it is the act of approaching everyone with good faith is a vice but I am standing on the judge people individually ground. Terra firma.

Which is why I am here. Give me your evidence and convince me I should hate every jew prior to finding out they individually are a bad person.

That being said I have developed a radar to, in uncanny time, detect a jew and cocain addict. This does worry me and make it difficult to approach some people without prejudice but I remain skeptical even of my circuitry that has evolved value.

Be on guard and stay alert to controlled opposition

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r/MGTOW is one of the few places on reddit you can talk about Jews openly and they are more or less the only true anti-feminists in the West. Don't shit on allies.

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(((White men are to blame. Kikes are just enablers.)))

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