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Well fuck!

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FYI, web browsers explicitly ignore exif rotation tags. A fix has been proposed for css4.

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Well, I'll be damned that I didn't already know this.

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Ehhh... that justifies my earlier posts than, I supppose. Couldn't get the one to rotate correctly to save my life. Not that was ever desired :p

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I didn't know this:)

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It would be possible to check for that tag, and rotate the image if necessary no?

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Yes, it's possible (I've written code to do this). It sounds like imgoat doesn't do it (not sure personally, haven't tested). Most phones when they take a picture are always landscape, and if the picture was actually taken in portrait, the exif data will specify which way the photo should be rotated. With this info stripped, the picture won't have the correct orientation in picture viewers. Web browsers explicitly ignore exif data when serving an image in HTML, so unless a picture is properly rotated in the actual picture data, it will not be oriented properly in a web page.

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I don't know how to do it in imgoat. I know i use an app on my phone to remove exif data and i tell it to skip the orientation. Perhaps you could edit the details on your image directly, if that's what you're asking. Hope someone with more knowledge comes by to answer you.

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Protip: You can lossessly rotate jpegs such that the exif data is no longer required.

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If you don't mind trimming the edges slightly, you can use the same technique "almost" losslessly (i.e. the retained blocks don't lose anything but the image loses a few pixels).

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imgoat has never (that I can remember) changed my pictures orientation.

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I think it only does it if it needs to.

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