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Buy "water" cans.

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Hahaha. This is an American problem. It's the EPA deciding that vapours from the vent hole are damaging the precious environment.

I caught the local Canadian Tire selling gas cans without vents. I got them to send the entire lot back, and get some proper cans.

I've got a buddy in Maine who's a fisherman. He buys his cans in Canada. He gets seriously fucked off on this subject.

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I'm pretty sure it's because some dumb fuck in california started himself on fire because of the fumes or something. They used to have sweet little stories on the can about how that will never happen again. I just punch a fuckin hole in the back of the can, It takes like 20 minutes to empty one if you can't get the perfect angle without the hole.

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Just buy a dirt bike one online. Perfect gas can. If you do it right not a drop is spilled. With the new bullshit "Spill free" ones you get gas fucking everywhere.

Problem Solved.

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I live in Canada. I can still buy normal, regular, have worked for a hundred years, gas cans.

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Reminds me of the stupid safety knives they would get us, cut myself more than I ever did with a regular razor blade style knife.

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Don't use it. Get a funnel.

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Best answer. @Atticus_Lowry

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Military NATO jerry cans are the best. German ones are top-notch, as are Italian. Get the flex spout. Old-style jerry cans - meh.


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Fuck yeah!!

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I read you can buy metal "water cans" online that are like the old ones..

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I cuss the libtards on this subject everytime I do lawn maintenance

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It's actually dangerous, heat causes a buildup of gas vapors inside the can and if you don't first release the pressure gas will spray everywhere when you try to pour it,

Poor design.

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