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Remember when hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and destroyed their power grid, destroyed tons of homes and businesses, and killed a bunch a people?

What did the mayor of San Juan do to help engineer the disaster? She intentionally withheld federal aid to make it appear as if Trump was doing nothing just to score political points.

"The Resistance" will try to make any bad situation worse, even if it means capitalizing on the public's misfortune, just to make Trump look bad.

That's what this has all come down to and it's sad. Our lives are their gambling chips used to score political points.

Do you think they would risk letting Trump look good?

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POTUS tweeted about The Storm today and all you see are these blue check mark faggots screaming PUERTO RICO YOU KILLED THEM ALL IN PUERTO RICO!

But they withheld the aide like you said, to make Trump look bad. Fuck these people man.

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The liberal Democrat media has done a great job convincing their readers that Trump did this to Puerto Rico. Most of them probably have no idea the San Juan mayor got arrested on corruption charges related to not helping her people.

This could be really bad. Hopefully OP gets this information to the media to alert people.

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Do you think that it matters when they're considering whether or not their drivers and property might get stranded in a Cat 4 hurricane because evac traffic is bumper to bumper standstill?

Drop the conspiracy sandwich once in a while and think critically. Jesus.

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Long haul trucker for sixteen years. We hauled in essentials until 2 days before landfall, then told to just get out. This is extraordinary caution at best. The stores were not canceling orders but the trucking companies were the ones calling the shots.

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Alternately, they activated their "emergency supply chain", which may include not having the trucks stuck in the actual hurricane?

re: "...big box home improvement stores, like Lowe’s and Home Depot, which activated their emergency supply chain plans. Home Depot devoted a whole distribution center in Florida to hurricane relief supplies such as tools, generators, tarps, flashlights, batteries and chainsaws, to support more efficient distribution across the southeast. Lowe’s also had distribution centers in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina with extra supplies ready and waiting. This involved in some cases, diverting some inventory bound for other regions. The key was to get everything in place well before the arrival of the hurricane." from: https://blog.kinaxis.com/2016/11/supply-chain-risk-management-face-category-4-supply-chain-disaster/

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I bet it has to do with the "excessive pricing" legislation re: https://imgoat.com/uploads/b24d495052/144567.jpg

You can't get sued for price gouging if you don't have anything to sell. Problem solved?

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So now NC is price setting? Isn't that what they do in communism?

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Lots of states have laws that forbid any major increase in prices in the wake of a natural disaster.

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It keeps the jews out

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More likely reducing the amount of stock that will be looted in the "protests" afterwards.

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Problem is, practically every major storm that's hit America when we've had stores like Lowes and HomeDepot available, has triggered a major shipment of lumber and sand/sandbags to the area that's about to be hit.

This way the citizens have supplies to defend their homes from the oncoming storm.

Even these basic supplies, wood and sand, are not being shipped, which is why its suspect.

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You also don’t get sued for price gouging if you don’t price gouge. Are they losing money by selling items at the price they normally would sell them? Also I think Home Depot was the one selling cases of water for $40 in Houston during Harvey.

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When was the last time you reconsidered your stance on price gouging? https://youtu.be/ymMzJAdIAes

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This is very strange.

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Not really, sounds like the company simply doesn't want to pay overtime

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No, this is not something to do with the company not wanting to do something. Some bigger players are at play here...

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I don't know - that doesn't right either...

Now is exactly the time to prioritize those shipments - there is not a single good reason not to do that.

Assuming the report is true.

Overtime is irrelevant in times like this. Neither are these precious supplies - they are easily replaced in the chain.

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Fuck me running! There are niggers up the ass there and they're gonna start bitching about Trump being a racist for not giving them each 1 million and a free house. Is Anderson Pooper there yet, ready to start in on Trump and how he hates black people? To quote the great Whitesnake, "here I go again."

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No shit. You hold back distribution to the entire region and send it all to the areas that will he hardest hit.

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The disaster planning staff might not know the best location to stage/pre-deliver supplies.

They could be holding off just to protect what resources they have slated to be trucked in until after they get a better idea of the storm's path, and strength.

I can't think of anything worse than the truck in millions of dollars of resources only to have them FUBAR"D by the storm itself.

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